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Supportive services means services provided by the service provider to help residents enhance their way of living and achieve self-sufficiency. Supportive Services may be provided directly by the Owner or through coordination with existing service agencies and may be delivered through a combination of both on- and off- site service delivery mechanisms, with the provision that an on-site service coordination capacity must be maintained. For the purposes of scoring, ADOH may determine that certain Supportive Services must be offered on-site to obtain points in a particular Project scoring category.
Supportive services means services provided by the service provider to help residents enhance their way of living and achieve self-sufficiency. Supportive Services shall be provided through coordination with existing service agencies delivered through a combination of both on- and off-site service delivery mechanisms. Supportive Services shall be provided by non-governmental entities, wherever possible. With the exception of Permanent Supportive Housing Projects not claiming points for Supportive Services under Section 2.7(C), all Supportive Services shall be provided at no cost to the Project, nor shall a reserve be included in the Development Budget for such Supportive Services.
Supportive services means social, health, educational, income support and employment services and benefits, coordination of community building and educational activities, individualized needs assessment, and individualized assistance with obtaining services and benefits.

Examples of Supportive services in a sentence

The Community Task Force will provide advice, counsel and recommendations to the Grantee on all aspects of the HOPE VI development process, including shaping the goals and outcome of the Community and Supportive Services Plan.

Once a year, the Public Authority and the Union will plan one, mutually agreed, joint outreach effort in the community to increase awareness about In-Home Supportive Services.

With respect to Maintenance Services, Supportive Services and Emergency Services, Supplier shall perform within the response times, work around times and Final Solution times referred to in Section 3.4, Incident Handling, that lead to correction of the Incident within the shortest term possible.

Supportive Services Liaisons will adjust their workday on the day that a PAC/RAC meeting is held.

This Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is entered into by the Santa Clara County Public Authority for In-Home Supportive Services (hereinafter referred to as the Public Authority) and Service Employees International Union Local 521(hereinafter referred to as the Union).

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Supportive services means services to enable a participant to successfully participate in the community services employment program which may include the payment of reasonable cost of transportation, health and medical services, special job-related or personal counseling, incidentals (such as work shoes, badges, uniforms, eyeglasses, and tools), child and adult care, temporary shelter, and follow-up services.
Supportive services means thoseservices and activities provided in con- nection with minority business enter- prise programs which are designed to increase the total number of minority businesses active in the highway pro- gram and contribute to the growth and eventual self-sufficiency of individual minority businesses so that such busi- nesses may achieve proficiency to com- pete, on an equal basis, for contracts and subcontracts.
Supportive services means services which assist a parent with a disability to compensate for those aspects of their disability which affect their ability to care for their child and which will enable them to discharge their parental responsibilities. The term includes specialized or adapted training, evaluations, or assistance with effective use of adaptive equipment, and accommodations which allow a parent with a disability to benefit from other services, such as Braille texts or sign language interpreters.
Supportive services means helping with personal laundry, arranging for medical services, health-related services, social services, or transportation to medical or social services appointments, or providing for at least 1 individual awake and alert in the housing-with-services establishment to contact a service provider in an emergency. Supportive services do not include making referrals or assisting a resident in contacting a service provider of the resident's choice.
Supportive services means services that ad- dress the special needs of people served by a project, including