Student Employee definition

Student Employee means a student who is paid by the District, and may include students participating in a work study program or who receive stipends while they are acting within the scope of their employment at the District at the time the intellectual property was created.
Student Employee is a student employed with the Hospital from about May to September each year and who indicates she will return to school in September.
Student Employee is either an employee employed by the District three (3) hours per day or less who is also a full-time student enrolled in the District, or any student in a position approved by CSEA and the District in this agreement, employed by the District in any secondary school or college work-study program, or in any state or federally work experience program.

Examples of Student Employee in a sentence

  • Dear Student Employee, Please take time to read the following information regarding important changes to pension provisions, this will affect you.

More Definitions of Student Employee

Student Employee means a student who is enrolled at and employed by the University; allegations of sex discrimination against student employees may require the University to take measures applicable to both students and employees. The term “University Court” is the tribunal consisting of students, faculty, and staff that holds hearings regarding alleged violations of the Student Conduct Code (SCC) under certain circumstances prescribed by the SCC. This Agreement will remain in force for at least three (3) academic years, and will not terminate until at least 60 days after the United States has received all of the reporting required through the first semester of the 2015-2016 school year. The United States will monitor the implementation of the Agreement until it determines that the University has fulfilled the terms of this Agreement and is in compliance with Title IV, Title IX, and the implementing regulations at 28 C.F.R. Part 54 and 34 C.F.R. Part 106, which were at issue in this case.
Student Employee means a person employed in the period May to September who has been in full-time attendance as a student at an educational institution and affirms at the time of appointment that they will return to full-time attendance at an educational institution in the same year. No layoff of employees in the unclassified division shall occur as a result of student employment.
Student Employee means an employee who is a student, and who is engaged on the understanding that her scheduled hours will normally not exceed 5 days per week, at 7 hours per day, for a maximum period of 4 continuous months. However, a student employee may work to a maximum of 15 hours per week in the remaining 8 months of that calendar year. This employee is subject to the working conditions in Appendix D.
Student Employee means any student who voluntarily, with or without compensation, provides any service or makes any contribution to any Work supported by University Funds or University Facilities whether or not such Work is Coursework.
Student Employee means a student whose enrolment is confirmed for a full one-year term at a post-secondary institution and has been engaged to augment the regular staff for a period not exceeding four (4) calendar months.
Student Employee means an employee enrolled in a full-time program in an educational institution who is hired for a specific term of employment as part of or during a break in the program.
Student Employee means one hired to work during the student's summer break or between-term break to assist full-time, Part-time, or Term Employees or to perform additional, short-term work assignments. Student Employees must be registered as full-time students at recognized post-secondary educational institutions. The hiring of Student Employees shall not result in layoff of bargaining unit Employees. Student Employees are not covered by this Agreement.