Regular Part-Time Employee definition

Regular Part-Time Employee means an employee who is appointed to a regularly scheduled position but works less than full-time. A regular part-time employee is entitled to all benefits outlined in the agreement on a pro rata basis, except where otherwise specified.
Regular Part-Time Employee means an Employee hired to work for hours and periods less than the normal full-time work hours and is not a Term Employee as per Article 2.01 (h).
Regular Part-Time Employee means all employees in the bargaining unit who regularly work less than 30 hours a week and at least 9 months per year.

Examples of Regular Part-Time Employee in a sentence

  • A Regular Part-Time Employee will receive a pro rata benefit under this Section.

  • A Regular Full-Time and Regular Part-Time Employee shall be credited with seniority during the period of a layoff providing their employment status does not cease as per Article 14.7(e) or (f).

  • Regular Part-Time Employee: An employee who has successfully completed a trial period as defined in these policies and who regularly works less than forty (40) but at least twenty (20) hours a week.

  • A Regular Part-Time Employee is one who is regularly employed to work a predetermined work schedule of twenty (20) or more hours per workweek.

  • An employee designated as a Regular Part-Time Employee shall accumulate and receive all fringe benefits on a pro-rated basis when he becomes, and so long as he remains, a Regular Part-Time Employee.

More Definitions of Regular Part-Time Employee

Regular Part-Time Employee means an employee who has successfully completed the prescribed period of probation and who is regularly employed during the calendar year on less than a full-time basis. Employees who work regularly less than a full-time work shift, or work week, shall work hours proportionate to regular full-time employees.
Regular Part-Time Employee. An employee who has satisfactorily completed no less than one hundred eighty (180) calendar days of employment in a position which calls for the employee to work less than the normal work week but at least twenty (20) hours per week.
Regular Part-Time Employee as used in the Agreement refers to any employee in a staff position who is regularly scheduled to work for a ten (10) month academic year or for a twelve (12) month calendar work year at a minimum of 50% of the full-time work hours assigned to the position classification. Regular part-time appointments offer no assurance, promise, or intent of continuous employment. The benefits for regular part-time employees shall be limited by law or this Agreement.
Regular Part-Time Employee means an employee who is regularly scheduled to work less than 32 hours per week, exclusive of meal periods.
Regular Part-Time Employee means an employee who, on a regular basis, works four (4) hours or more but less than eight (8) hours per shift or, an employee who works eight (8) hours per shift but less than five (5) shifts per work week.
Regular Part-Time Employee means an employee who, having satisfactorily completed the six (6) month probationary period, has been appointed to the permanent staff by the College Board, is employed on a regular part-time schedule of weekly hours which are less than thirty-five (35) and is not a temporary part- time employee as defined in 1.9 hereof. A regular part-time employee is entitled to all employee benefits except as otherwise provided on a proportionate basis with the exception of medical, dental, and extended health which shall be on the same basis as a regular full-time employee.
Regular Part-Time Employee. (RPT) – means a regular employee with a minimum commitment level of one half of a full duty load, but less than a full duty load, over an academic year.