Participating Employer definition

Participating Employer means any trade or business (whether or not incorporated) which adopts this Plan with the consent of the Company identified in the Adoption Agreement.
Participating Employer means an eligible employer who has agreed to make contributions to the System on behalf of its employees;
Participating Employer means any member of the following group including the Employer, if such member adopts the Plan with the Employer’s authorization as provided in Section 10.1: (i) a controlled group of corporations, within the meaning of Section 414(b) of the Code; (ii) a group of trades or businesses under common control, within the meaning of Section 414(c) of the Code; (iii) an affiliated service group, within the meaning of Section 414(m) of the Code; or (iv) a trade or business required to be aggregated pursuant to Section 414(o) of the Code. Each Participating Employer is identified in Appendix B. The Employer shall amend Appendix B as needed, to reflect a Participating Employer’s adoption of the Plan or withdrawal from the Plan, without any need to otherwise amend the Plan. Amendment of Appendix B may be made by any authorized officer or representative of the Employer and shall not require approval of the Board of Directors.

Examples of Participating Employer in a sentence

Unless the context of the Plan clearly indicates otherwise, the word "Employer" shall be deemed to include each Participating Employer as related to its adoption of the Plan.

The participation agreement must identify the Participating Employer and the covered Employees and provide for the Participating Employer's signature.

For purposes of the Plan, Commissions are deemed to be earned in the Plan Year in which the respective customer remits payment to the Participating Employer with respect to which the Commissions are paid or, if applied consistently to all similarly-situated employees of the Affiliated Group, in the Plan Year in which the related sale occurred.

Any such modification shall apply only to the Employees of that Participating Employer.

Any Participating Employer hereby authorizes the Employer to make amendments on its behalf, unless otherwise agreed among all affected parties.

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Participating Employer means a direct or indirect subsidiary of the Company (i) listed on Schedule A, attached hereto, which may change from time to time to reflect new Participating Employers or withdrawing Participating Employers, and (ii) approved by the Plan Sponsor for participation in the Plan.
Participating Employer means any Affiliated Employer which has adopted the Plan in accordance with Section 16.5.
Participating Employer means an employer that has elected to join the state’s tax-sheltered annuity plan.
Participating Employer means the Portland Development Commission (PDC), or any entity that has adopted the City of Portland Governmental 457(b) Plan, and is legally related to the City of Portland. For employees of a “Participating Employer”, wherever this Chapter references the “City” with respect to the employment relationship, services performed and compensation paid, the term “City” shall also mean the “Participating Employer”.
Participating Employer means an Employer which, with the consent of the "lead Employer" adopts the Plan pursuant to Section
Participating Employer means an Employer who adopts the Plan pursuant to Section 10.1.