College board definition

College board means the state board for community and
College board means the College Board and Educational Testing Service.
College board means the state board for community and technical colleges created by this chapter.

Examples of College board in a sentence

  • On behalf of the Whitefriars College Board, I wish every student, staff member and the wider College community a rich and fulfilling year.

  • Illinois Community College Board CTE Perkins Leadership Grant The Illinois Community College Board has awarded Oakton College a $100,000 CTE Perkins Leadership Grant for calendar year 2024.

  • The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) may, as it deems necessary, supervise, evaluate, and provide guidance and direction to grantees in the conduct of activities performed under the grant.

  • Spring 2024 School EstablishmentATTENTION PRINCIPALS• Wednesday, September 20, 2023: College Board sent an email to each home and serving school principal.

  • The College Board offers testing in various languages, including those not taught in the District.

More Definitions of College board

College board means the Board of Directors of the College.
College board means the body described in Part 3 of the College and Institute Act.
College board means the College Entrance Examination Board, a national nonprofit association that provides college admission guidance and advanced placement examinations.
College board means the Bay Xxxxx Community College Board of Regents, an authorizing body as designated under Section 501 of the Code, MCL 380.501 et seq.
College board. The Board of Trustees of Xxxxxx Community College.
College board means the state board for commu- nity and technical colleges under chapter 28B.50 RCW.
College board means The College Board, a mission-driven not-for-profit organization.