Part-time employee definition

Part-time employee means an employee who is normally required to work less than the basic hours of work.
Part-time employee means a person whose normal scheduled hours of work are less than thirty-seven and one half (37 1/2) hours per week and more than twelve and one half (12 ½) hours per week.
Part-time employee means a person other than a full-time or casual employee, engaged to work regularly in each pay period for less hours than an equivalently classified full-time employee.

More Definitions of Part-time employee

Part-time employee means an Employee who is not employed as a Full-Time Employee but who works on a regular schedule week-by-week, irrespective of the number of hours worked in each week. A Part-Time Employee shall be paid a pro-rata salary and pro-rata benefits as set out under the terms of this Agreement.
Part-time employee means an employee employed in the bargaining unit described in Article 1.01 who regularly works not more than twenty four (24) hours per week.
Part-time employee is one who is hired to work for scheduled shifts, whose hours of work are less than those specified in Article 7: Hours of Work and Scheduling Provisions.
Part-time employee means any employee who is employed under this Agreement for less than forty (40) hours on average each week.
Part-time employee means an employee, other than a casual employee, who is employed on a permanent basis but works less than the ordinary or normal hours prescribed in this MECA. Any wages and benefits (except sick leave), e.g. leave, will be pro rata according to the hours worked unless specifically stated otherwise in this MECA.
Part-time employee means an employee engaged on a weekly contract of service for less ordinary hours per week or fortnight than those prescribed by Clause 6. - Hours of this award.
Part-time employee means an employee who is employed for an