Ongoing employee definition

Ongoing employee means an employee who has been employed for at least one complete standard measurement period.
Ongoing employee means an Employee who has been employed by the Employer for at least one complete Standard Measurement Period.
Ongoing employee means a person covered by this agreement and employed under Part 2.4 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic) with no date fixed for the conclusion of that employment;

Examples of Ongoing employee in a sentence

  • On-going employee training programme shall be put in place so that the members of staff are adequately trained in AML/CFT policy.

More Definitions of Ongoing employee

Ongoing employee means people engaged on an open-ended contract of employment and executives engaged on a standard executive contract who were active in the last pay period of June.
Ongoing employee means a person engaged as an ongoing employee under Section 22(2) (a) of the Public Service Act 1999.
Ongoing employee means an employee engaged under the PS Act on an ongoing basis.
Ongoing employee means an employee under the MOP(S) Act employed (wholly or partly) against an established position whose employment will continue until terminated in accordance with sections 16 or 23 of the MOP(S) Act. “parental leave” includes paid and unpaid maternity leave, adoption leave and supporting partner leave, unless otherwise specified.
Ongoing employee means an employee engaged under section 22(2)(a) of the PS Act. Ordinary hours, duty or work means an employee’s usual hours worked in accordance with this agreement and does not include additional hours. Parliamentary service means employment under the Parliamentary Service Act 1999. Partner means a current or former spouse or de facto partner, regardless of gender. Part-time employee means an employee whose ordinary hours are less than 147 hours each four week period (the settlement period), in accordance with this agreement. Primary caregiver for the purposes of the parental leave clause means a pregnant employee with an entitlement under the ML Act, or an employee other than a casual employee who has primary care responsibility for a child who is born to them or who is adopted or in long-term xxxxxx care as per the clauses on adoption and long-term xxxxxx care in this agreement.
Ongoing employee means an employee engaged under subsection 22(2)(a) of the PS Act but does not include an ongoing SES employee;
Ongoing employee means an active employee, who is still employed by the participating employerand has completed either their initial measurement period or their standard measurement period.