Regular Full-Time Employee definition

Regular Full-Time Employee means an employee who is appointed to a regularly scheduled position and is regularly scheduled to work full time in accordance with Article 14. A regular full-time employee is entitled to all of the benefits outlined in the Agreement except where otherwise specified.
Regular Full-Time Employee means an employee who is normally assigned a work schedule of forty (40) hours per week.
Regular Full-Time Employee is defined as an employee who has Regular Full-Time status and who works forty (40) hours per week.

Examples of Regular Full-Time Employee in a sentence

  • On promotion or transfer of a Regular Full-Time Employee to a new position, that employee shall serve a six (6) month trial period in the new position before being confirmed in the appointment.

  • Notwithstanding provisions contained in this section, Regular Part-Time Employees shall be required to put in equivalent hours of a Regular Full-Time Employee with respect to the completion of a probationary period leading to seniority status.

  • A Regular Full-Time Employee sharing a position shall be eligible for increments upon the completion of the equivalent period of service applicable to a Regular Full-Time Employee in a similar classified position.

  • The Schools Forum was advised that information for 2017/18 had been submitted to the Department for Education via its data collection and management system for education (COLLECT) by 31 March 2017 deadline.

  • A Regular Full-Time Employee in a Job Sharing arrangement shall continue to maintain the status of a Regular Full-Time Employee during the period of time covered by the Job Sharing arrangement and shall accumulate seniority in proportion to the scheduled hours compared to the full-time hours of the position.

More Definitions of Regular Full-Time Employee

Regular Full-Time Employee is an employee who works thirty-seven and one-half (37 ½) hours per week on a regular basis and whose length of appointment is indefinite and who has completed his probationary period.
Regular Full-Time Employee means an employee whose term of employment for a participating employer contemplates continued employment during a fiscal or calendar year and whose employment normally requires an average of 20 hours or more per week, except as modified by the board, and who receives benefits normally provided by the participating employer.
Regular Full-Time Employee means an Employee who has completed her/his probationary period, occupies an ongoing position in the Bargaining Unit and works the scheduled hours of work for her/his Classification.
Regular Full-Time Employee means all employees in the bargaining unit as defined and certified by the Public Employment Relations Board who work 30 to 40 hours a week for the Employer and at least 9 months per year.
Regular Full-Time Employee means a common law employee who is regularly scheduled to work thirty (30) Hours of Service or more per week.
Regular Full-Time Employee. (RFT) – means a regular employee with a commitment level of a full duty load.
Regular Full-Time Employee means one who is appointed to a regular position in the bargaining unit with normal hours of work in accordance with Article 27.01 of the Collective Agreement;