End User definition

End User means any person or entity (e.g., contractor, contractor’s employee, business associate, subcontractor, other downstream user, etc.) that receives DHHS data or derivative data in accordance with the terms of this Contract.
End User means the person who utilizes the telecommunication service. In the case of an entity, “end user” means the individual who utilizes the service on behalf of the entity.
End User means a person or entity to which Open Ecosystem Partner distributes, positions or provides access to a SAP Product in compliance with the applicable SAP Open Ecosystem Model and which has been or will be granted a license right by SAP to use a SAP Product but excluding any member of the OE Partner Group.

Examples of End User in a sentence

End user will be instructed on how to proceed with measurements through the PhasmaFOOD mobile app.

More Definitions of End User

End User means, in the event that the Services or Deliverables involve the use of any information systems, any and all UNICEF employees, consultants and other personnel and any other external users collaborating with UNICEF, in each case, authorized by UNICEF to access and use the Services and/or Deliverables.
End User means a person who, otherwise than as a person holding an appointment or a licence under the Water Industry Act 1991 or under other legislation in respect of the supply of water or sewerage services enacted from time to time, is a customer of the Appointee or a user of the goods or services concerned;
End User means, whether or not capitalized, any business, residential or governmental Customer of services covered by the Agreement and includes the term "Customer". More specific meanings of either of such terms are dependent upon the context in which they appear in the Agreement and the provisions of the Act.
End User means the consignees stated in the Schedule of Requirements.
End User means a consumer who uses the Embedded Product.
End User means a final purchaser of an energy product, such as electricity, thermal energy, or natural gas not for the purposes of retransmission or resale. In the context of natural gas consumption, an “end user” is the point to which natural gas is delivered for consumption.
End User means an individual or legal entity that obtains Software Services directly from Customer, or indirectly through a Software Services Reseller.