Partner Group definition

Partner Group means any legal entity that has direct or indirect Control over the Partner and only as long as that legal entity maintains direct or indirect Control (“Parent Companies”) as well as all Associated Companies of the Parent Companies.
Partner Group means, in the context of allocation of Expanded Investment Opportunities of limited capacity, the BBH partners (which includes general partners and limited partners).
Partner Group shall include: Xxxx Xxx XxXxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxx Xxxx and Xxxxx Xxxxx.

Examples of Partner Group in a sentence

  • SAP shall have the right to once annually conduct an audit to verify the compliance of (i) Partner, and/or (ii) any member of the Partner Group involved in the performance of obligations under any part of this Agreement, with the terms of this Agreement, including SAP policies referenced by this Agreement, in particular Partner´s compliance obligations.

  • Where an End User is a Government Entity, Partner shall not utilize, employ or compensate any Partner Group Company, third-party subcontractor, consultant, agent, or other intermediary in connection with the rights or obligations under this Agreement, specifically for the purposes of securing business on behalf of SAP, without prior written consent by SAP´s Office of Ethics and Compliance.

  • Partner must make full disclosure to SAP or its expert, and ensure that (i) any member of the Partner Group involved in the performance of obligations under any part of this Agreement and any of (ii) Partner’s Representatives cooperate fully and provide information, grant viewing access to all necessary and useful documents and permit the making of copies of them.

More Definitions of Partner Group

Partner Group means a group of companies where one legal entity (“Parent”) has and maintains direct or indirect Control over all other entities in that group and where all entities in the group, including the Parent, are participating in the SAP PartnerEdge program,. For clarity: Partner may also be the Parent.
Partner Group has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2(a).
Partner Group means, individually or collectively as the context requires, DK Partner Group or LXP Partner Group.
Partner Group means either (a) the Highridge Partners or (b) the Xxxx-Xxxx Partners (there are two Partner Groups).
Partner Group means either the Entergy Partner Group or the Koch Partner Group.
Partner Group means each of the Allan Group, the Great Gulf Group and each other group of Partners xxx after the Effective Date is designated in writing as a Partner Group for purposes of this Agreement.
Partner Group means Partner and any of its Affiliates.