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  • If the bidder is OEM of the offered products, it would also be exempted from the "OEM Average Turnover" criteria.

  • In case the bid value is more than Rs 10 Crore, the declaration relating to percentage of local content shall be certified by the statutory auditor or cost auditor, if the OEM is a company and by a practicing cost accountant or a chartered accountant for OEMs other than companies as per the Public Procurement (preference to Make-in -India) order 2017 dated 04.06.2020.

  • OEM Turn Over Criteria: The minimum average annual financial turnover of the OEM of the offered product during the last three years, ending on 31st March of the previous financial year, should be as indicated in the bid document.

  • In case the date of constitution / incorporation of the OEM is less than 3 year old, the average turnover in respect of the completed financial years after the date of constitution shall be taken into account for this criteria.

  • If the bidder wants to avail the Purchase preference, the bidder must upload a certificate from the OEM regarding the percentage of the local content and the details of locations at which the local value addition is made along with their bid, failing which no purchase preference shall be granted.

More Definitions of OEM

OEM means the Original Equipment Manufacturer of any equipment / system / software / product that are providing such goods to the Purchaser under the scope of this Tender / Contract.
OEM means the Original Equipment Manufacturer of any equipment / system / software / product.
OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer company, that is incorporated in India or abroad, who has management control over the manufacturing/production process, Quality Assurance, Procurement of Raw materials/manufacturing process inputs marketing and warranty services of the resultant products, of at least one manufacturing facility /factory where the manufacturing of equipment, related accessories, as required for the ORSAC is carried out.