OEM definition

Examples of OEM in a sentence

  • The cost of an OEM Extended Warranty must include all associated costs.

  • The price quoted for the Representative Model(s) and OEM Options, OEM Options Discount, Identified Aftermarket Options and Required Aftermarket Options shall not exceed the current Contract’s prices and discounts.

  • This warranty option shall commence when the unit is put into service and is in addition to OEM warranty options stated above.

  • If the Contractor provides an OEM Extended Warranty Option, the Contractor must provide a copy of the applicable terms and conditions, including a detail of coverage, to the State upon request.

  • All requested Representative Model(s), OEM Options and OEM Options Discount(s), Identified Aftermarket Options and Non-Identified Aftermarket Options shall be itemized on the PQF, along with the applicable pricing information.

More Definitions of OEM

OEM means the Original Equipment Manufacturer of any equipment / system / software / product that are providing such goods to the Purchaser under the scope of this Tender / Contract.
OEM shall refer to the Original Equipment Manufacturer.
OEM means the Original Equipment Manufacturer of any equipment / system / software / product.
OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer company, that is incorporated in India or abroad, who has management control over the manufacturing/production process, Quality Assurance, Procurement of Raw materials/manufacturing process inputs marketing and warranty services of the resultant products, of at least one manufacturing facility /factory where the manufacturing of equipment, related accessories, as required for the ORSAC is carried out.