End User Customer definition

End User Customer means a third party retail Customer that subscribes to a Telecommunications Service provided by either of the Parties or by another Carrier or by two (2) or more Carriers.
End User Customer means a person who places a local or toll call.
End User Customer means the DSL provider's End User Customer for claims relating to DSL and the voice service provider's End User Customer for claims relating to voice service.

Examples of End User Customer in a sentence

  • CLEC shall also be responsible for all Tariffed, cataloged, price listed, and other retail Telecommunications Services offerings charges and charges separately identified in this Agreement associated with services that CLEC resells to an End User Customer under this Agreement.

  • The locations of the Remote Premises (e.g., Feeder Distribution Interfaces, "FDI") and the End User Customer addresses served by each Remote Premises are available to CLEC through the Raw Loop Data Tool.

  • Any interest earned on cash deposits will be credited to CLEC in the amount actually earned or at the rate set forth in Section 8.7 below, whichever is lower, except as otherwise required by law, provided that, for elimination of doubt, the Parties agree that such deposits are not subject to state laws or regulations relating to consumer or End User Customer cash deposits.

  • CLEC will pay the applicable charge set forth in the Rate Sheet required to reconnect Services for each End User Customer disconnected pursuant to this Section 8.3. In case of such disconnection, all applicable undisputed charges, including termination charges, will become due and payable.

  • CLEC or its End User Customers may not rearrange, move, disconnect or attempt to repair Qwest facilities or equipment, other than by connection or disconnection to any interface between Qwest and the End User Customer, without the written consent of Qwest.

More Definitions of End User Customer

End User Customer means a customer of the End-User which has entered into a written agreement with the End-User in respect of it carrying out Database Cleansing for that customer;
End User Customer means a person or an entity receiving the RSA Software as part of a Client Licensed Product from You or a Distributor for personal or internal use to obtain the Licensed Service and primarily not for resale, redistribution or other transfer of such Client Licensed Product to any other person or entity.
End User Customer means a person or entity licensing RSA Object Code as part of a Bundled Product from OEM or a Distributor solely for personal or internal use and without right to license, assign or otherwise transfer such Bundled Product to any other person or entity.
End User Customer means the owner or occupier of premises who receives a supply of water from a relevant Water Company or Licensed Retailer. For the purposes of these Terms of Reference, this does not include Developers, Self- Lay Providers or Licensed Retailers.
End User Customer means the original user of the Product.
End User Customer means a person that purchases Relevant Products from Respondent or a Designated Intel Competitor for use in manufacturing Computer Products for its own use and that derives less than five (5) percent of its revenue from the sale of Computer Products to third parties. Any person that derives five
End User Customer means an end user customer of the Buyer that, through the Government, will be the ultimate end user of the Work.