Users definition

Users means, for Services, those employees, contractors, and end users, as applicable, authorized by You or on Your behalf to use the Services in accordance with this Agreement and Your order. For Services that are specifically designed to allow Your clients, agents, customers, suppliers or other third parties to access the Services to interact with You, such third parties will be considered “Users” subject to the terms of this Agreement and Your order.
Users means individuals who are authorized by You to use the Services, for whom subscriptions to a Service have been purchased, and who have been supplied user identifications and passwords by You (or by Us at Your request). Users may include but are not limited to Your employees, consultants, contractors and agents; or third parties with which You transact business.
Users means Your employees, representatives, consultants, contractors, agents and third parties with whom You conduct business who are authorized to use the Platform subject to the terms of this SFDC Service Agreement as a result of a subscription to the Reseller Application having been purchased for such User, and have been supplied user identifications and passwords by You (or by SFDC or Reseller at Your request).

Examples of Users in a sentence

  • Price Sheet Responses will be submitted in the locations and formats provided in the Price Sheets, Section 7.0.1. All Prices will be in U.S. Dollars, ($USD; e.g., $99,999.99); all Discounts shall be a Percentage off MSRP to the one-hundredth decimal place (%; e.g., 99.99%); all Florida Prices listed shall be the ceiling price for the State of Florida Eligible Users.

  • Provider shall be entitled to grant non-perpetual, non-exclusive and non-transferable sub-licenses to Customer for the applicable Order Form Term, limited to providing Customer Users Screen Access to the Software (the “Sub-Licenses”).

  • You acknowledge that Your failure to timely update Your Account information, including authorized Administrative Users, can result in unauthorized personnel having access to Your Account and potentially doing harm to You.

  • This Lot provides Authorized Users with a mechanism to purchase Products including Software licenses (perpetual and term), Maintenance/Support for Contractor’s Proprietary product line, training, and fleet management as set forth below.

  • The Customer will ensure (and shall cause its Customer Affiliates, Users and Contractors to ensure) that neither the IFS Materials, Software nor any direct product thereof are (i) exported, directly or indirectly, in violation of such laws and regulations; or (ii) are intended to be used for any purposes prohibited by such laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons proliferation.

More Definitions of Users

Users means any third party that accesses the Website and is not employed by Facilities Tenders and acting in the course of their employment; and
Users refers to the any person authorized by Customer to utilize Service.
Users means those employees, contractors, agents, service providers, and end users, as applicable, authorized by You or on Your behalf to use the Services in accordance with this Agreement and Your order.
Users means any individual who accesses and/or uses School Systems, including, without limitation: (i) School full time, part-time and temporary faculty and/or employees; (ii) School third party contractors, vendors, consultants, representatives and agents, as well as their full time, part-time and temporary employees; and (iii) parents, students and volunteers.
Users means all the persons who use all or any one or more of the facilities, amenities, utilities etc. established or provided in the Project under suitable arrangement entered into by such persons with the Concessionaire / Concessionaire’s sub-lessees on terms and conditions as stipulated from time to time by the Concessionaire’s sub-lessees in this regard.
Users means the consenting person(s) to whom Electronic Services are made available.
Users means the person(s) to whom Electronic Reports are made available.