Telecommunications Service Sample Clauses

Telecommunications Service. The term
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Telecommunications Service. Telecommunications service means the offering of telecommunications for a fee directly to the public, or to such classes of users as to be effectively available directly to the public, regardless of the facilities used.
Telecommunications Service. In order to minimize potential construction conflicts, the developer will contact the selected telecommunications service provider as early as possible following development approvals to initiate engineering design of the system and establish the construction schedule. If Qwest is selected, they usually require a minimum of 60 days to complete a design and release the necessary work orders to their construction department once they have received the plat drawings and power company designs, and enter into a Provisioning Agreement for Housing Developments.
Telecommunications Service. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Lease to the contrary:
Telecommunications Service. “Telecommunications Service” shall have the meaning set forth in §153(46) of the Act.
Telecommunications Service. Telecommunications Service is as defined in 47 U.S.c. § 153(46).
Telecommunications Service. “Telecommunications Service” has the same meaning as that term is defined in the United States Code, 47 U.S.C. § 153(53).
Telecommunications Service. Highwoods agrees that at the termination of the current period of its existing local telecommunications contract that it will execute an exclusive two (2) year contract with BTI provided the market rates for such contract are comparable to those Highwoods currently receives from other bona fide telecommunications providers. Highwoods further agrees that at the termination of the current period of its existing contract for long distance and frame relay data telecommunications service it will allow BTI the opportunity to match or better any bid acceptable to Highwoods from any third party to provide long distance and frame relay data service prior to entering into any agreement with any other party to provide such telecommunications service to Highwoods. The foregoing is subject to BTI being able to provide at market rates the same level of service and reliability as of other bona fide telecommunication providers. Highwoods further agrees that during the term of the Lease, that it will seek bids from BTI for any other telecommunication needs, such bids to be evaluated by Highwoods in its discretion with such other bids as it may receive. Highwoods and BTI agree to actively pursue in good faith a mutual partnership or other arrangements giving BTI the ability to enter buildings owned or controlled by Highwoods and place equipment necessary for BTI to provide telecommunications to occupants of such buildings.
Telecommunications Service. Certain BI products require wireless telecommunications service (“Telco Service”) in order to transmit voice and/or data from the device. BI products requiring wireless telecommunications service include BI ExacuTrack One (commonly referred to as “ET1”), BI HomeGuard 206 (commonly referred to as “HG206”), BI TAD Plus Cellular (commonly referred to as “TAD Cellular”), and SoberLink2 (commonly referred to as “SL2”). BI products requiring Telco Service may change from time to time. Agency is responsible for payment to BI of charges for Telco Service. Failure to pay these charges may result in suspension or termination of Telco Service, without which the device cannot transmit monitoring or tracking information to Agency.
Telecommunications Service. A. Telephone service, as defined in Utah code section 00-00-000, other than mobile telecommunications service, that originates and terminates within the boundaries of this state; and B. Mobile telecommunications service, as defined in Utah code section 00-00-000: