Customer User definition

Customer User means an individual user who is authorized by Customer to use the Platform and to whom Customer supplied a user identification and password. Customer Users may include, for example, Customer’s and Agency’s employees and contractors.
Customer User means any of the Company Administrators, Company Signatories and Company Users or any combination thereof, who is/are authorised by the Customer from time to time to access and use Business Internet Banking.

Examples of Customer User in a sentence

  • AMS reserves the right to deactivate or suspend access to the Monitoring Software or the TouchPoint Mobile Application if a Customer User or Client User, respectively, is found or AMS reasonably suspects him/her to be using his/her access to facilitate illegal, abusive or unethical activities or otherwise in breach of this Agreement.

  • Welcome & HistoryWelcome aboard! We’re excited you are reading our Customer User Guide and considering shipping your freight with Sea Swift.

More Definitions of Customer User

Customer User means any person to whom a service is rendered or made available by the council;
Customer User means an employee or individual independent contractor of Customer or of an Affiliate of Customer duly authorized by Customer to access the Application pursuant to RIB’s then-current procedure for such authorization; provided, however, that any such independent contractor must have executed a written confidentiality agreement in accordance with Section 8(b) and shall access the Application solely in furtherance of Customer’s or such Affiliate’s internal business purposes.
Customer User means an employee, contractor, or agent of Customer who is permitted by Customer to use the cBEYONData Software.
Customer User means a named or specified (by password and other appropriate user identification) employee of Customer authorized by Customer to use certain Services related to Company’s mobile application, user portal, and similar software and services. Company is not responsible for Customer’s or its Customer Userssystem performance or system inaccessibility, or any loss of business resulting therefrom, due to schedule downtime or maintenance, or any factors outside of Company’s control or unrelated to the Services. Customer and its Customer Users are responsible for the security regarding their respective passwords, access and usage of the Services. During the Term of the Agreement, Company agrees to provide Customer with all fixes, upgrades and new releases of the Services licensed under this Agreement which are made generally available to all Company customers at no additional charge. Company may, in Company’s s sole discretion, release other modules, updates, upgrades and new releases for an additional fee. Customer agrees that Customer’s obligations hereunder are neither contingent on the delivery of any future functionality or features nor dependent on any oral or written public comments made by Company regarding future functionality or features. Pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Company will provide the Services described in the Order Form, including the following:
Customer User means any of Customer’s authorized users of the Platform.
Customer User means any individual authorized or invited by Customer or a Customer User to access and use the Services received by Customer from Smartsheet under the terms of this Agreement.