Publisher definition

Publisher means any person or entity that distributes copies of the Document to the public.
Publisher means a provider of a Non-Microsoft Product.
Publisher. Edizioni Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx S.p.A.

Examples of Publisher in a sentence

  • Advertiser shall indemnify and hold harmless the Publisher, Editor, and the owner of the journal from and against any loss, expense, claim, or liability resulting from their advertisement.

  • Acceptance of Advertising The Publisher, Editor, and Association reserve the right to reject any advertising for any reason.

  • That date is not the date when the reprint was published by the State Law Publisher and it is probably not the date when the most recent amendment had effect.

  • Body Language By Allan Pease, Publisher SheldonPress SMCH125A ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES (Credit-3) Overview: Everything that surrounds and affects living organisms is environment.

  • The Publisher shall not be liable for the contents of any advertisements, website or web pages.

More Definitions of Publisher

Publisher means CBT's Yellow Pages Directories publisher.
Publisher means Ameritech's White Pages Directories publisher.
Publisher means BellSouth’s White Pages and Yellow Pages Directories publisher(s), i.e., currentlyBAPCO.”
Publisher means a software manufacturer (e.g., Microsoft)
Publisher means an individual, firm, partnership or cor- poration that publishes or manufactures printed instruc- tional materials for students attending public schools in Arizona, including an on-line service, a software devel- oper, or a distributor of an electronic textbook.
Publisher means a commercial publisher (that is to say, a person whose business is issuing material to the public or to a section of the public) who issues material containing the statement in the course of that business.