Publisher definition

Publisher means any person or entity that distributes copies of the Document to the public.
Publisher means a provider of a Non-Microsoft Product.
Publisher. Edizioni Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx S.p.A.

Examples of Publisher in a sentence

  • Publisher may take, either in its own name or in that of Author, any necessary steps to protect the rights granted under this Agreement against infringement by third parties.

  • Publisher especially has the right to permit others to use individual illustrations, tables or text quotations and may use the Contribution for advertising purposes.

  • For the purposes of use in electronic forms, Publisher may adjust the Contribution to the respective form of use and include links (e.g. frames or inline-links) or otherwise combine it with other works and/or remove links or combinations with other works provided in the Contribution.

  • Author agrees, at the request of Publisher, to execute all documents and do all things reasonably required by Publisher in order to confer to Publisher all rights intended to be granted under this Agreement.

  • If the Contribution was performed under a United States government contract, but Author is not a United States government employee, Publisher grants the United States government royalty-free permission to reproduce all or part of the Contribution and to authorise others to do so for United States government purposes.

More Definitions of Publisher

Publisher means CBT's Yellow Pages Directories publisher.
Publisher means Ameritech's White Pages Directories publisher.
Publisher means a person whose primary business is the publishing of books, periodicals, newspapers, music, or other works for sale in any format.
Publisher means a publisher of news and current affairs content or a publisher of online curated content;
Publisher means BellSouth’s White Pages and Yellow Pages Directories publisher(s), i.e., currently “BAPCO.”
Publisher means a commercial publisher, that is, a person whose business is issuing material to the public, or a section of the public, who issues material containing the statement in the course of that business.
Publisher means a software manufacturer (e.g., Microsoft)