City Services definition

City Services means those municipal public services provided within the District by the City and specifically described in Exhibit C.
City Services means those governmentalservices that are required from the City in conjunction with Filming Activities, including but not limited to traffic control, public safety services, and site locations.

Examples of City Services in a sentence

  • She is on the Neighborhood Council City Services and Outreach Committees.

  • These charges are as follows: Administrative and other City Services$ 27,256Revenue Services6,125 $ 33,381 7.

  • Other proof of capability to perform such work as required by the Director of City Services.

  • Upon execution of this Agreement and on the first day of each calendar quarter thereafter, City/Town shall email to City Services at a current Authorized Access List of its staff and representatives authorized to receive State Tax and Municipal Tax information from the Department and Arizona municipalities, including additions and deletions, changes in job titles, and contact information.

  • The Executive Councillor is recommended: To authorise the Director of City Services to:- • Tender and, in consultation with the Director of Finance and Head of Legal Services, award a contract for up to five years for the maintenance of the city’s CCTV system.

More Definitions of City Services

City Services has the meaning ascribed to it in section 2.1;
City Services means all governmental and proprietary functions, services, or activities hereinbefore or hereinafter performed, authorized to be performed or required to be performed by the City pursuant to the authority granted in the Constitution of the State of California, or as required or authorized by the Charter of the City of Santa Monica or any act of the Legislature of the State of California.
City Services means City services provided or required by the City of Cullman as a result of event conduct. City services are those services which are generally available services of the city, including labor and materials, which are provided by the City for an organized event, including public safety services such as safety, traffic and crowd control, public works services, and the use of public structures, instrumentalities, or equipment. The term does not include services provided under a contract with the City or an employee of the City on an extra-duty or off-duty status, including traffic control or security.
City Services means traffic control, crowd control, security, public safety support (police or fire), trash removal, sanitary services, recycling, bulk pick-up, the provision of water, sewer, electricity, communications or other utilities, transportation, labor or other work.
City Services means services that are owned by the City of Edmonton. This shall include water services only if the construction is done in conjunction with sanity services.
City Services means additional services (fire, police, EMS, traffic, etc.) required to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public and arising as a direct result of the Special Event.
City Services means those services provided by the City that are required and/or necessary for event production.