Design Review Sample Clauses

Design Review. Consumer shall provide Holy Cross an electrical one-line diagram and a relaying and metering one-line diagram prior to completion of detailed designs, unless the Consumer is installing a packaged system that is pre-certified to IEEE 1547.1 and UL 1741 standards. Packaged systems pre-certified under IEEE Standard 1547.1 and UL Standard 1741 will not require a relaying and metering one-line diagram. The submitted application and diagrams will be processed, reviewed, and acted upon in accordance with the Holy Cross Interconnection Policy.
Design Review. Immersion is entitled to conduct periodic design reviews to ensure its satisfaction with the Services. Upon reasonable notice, KLSI shall allow Immersion during normal business hours, to visit its places of business for development and manufacturing to discuss and inspect the status of the development of the Product.
Design Review. TONGSHI agrees prior to finalization of the overall design for each China WORLDSPACE PC Card and each China WORLDSPACE Receiver model that it shall furnish to WORLDSPACE, free of cost, for WORLDSPACE’s prior written approval and comment as to quality and appearance for purposes of Article, with the following: (i) TONGSHI’s testing procedures to be undertaken for the China WORLDSPACE PC Card or China WORLDSPACE Receiver and all applicable performance standards and quality review procedures to be applied and (ii) sketches, drawings, mock-ups, photographs, or equivalents thereof of the exterior of the China WORLDSPACE PC Card or China WORLDSPACE Receiver showing detail including but not limited to the placement of all WORLDSPACE Marks and other trademarks, text, notices, symbols, designs and markings.
Design Review. The CM shall review, on a continuous basis, development of the Drawings, Specifications and other design documents produced by the Designer. These services shall include preconstruction Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services, which are described more fully in Exhibit BIM attached hereto, which is entitled “Building Information Modeling (BIM) List of Design, Preconstruction and Construction Services”. The design reviews shall be performed with a group of Architects and Engineers, who are either employees of the CM or independent consultants under contract with the CM. Review of the documents is to discover inconsistencies, errors and omissions between and within design disciplines. The CM shall consult with DCAMM and the Designer regarding the selection of materials, building systems and equipment, and shall recommend alternative solutions whenever design details affect construction feasibility, schedules, cost or quality (without, however, assuming the Designer’s responsibility for design) and shall provide other value engineering services to DCAMM. Without limitation, the CM shall review the design documents for clarity, consistency, constructability, maintainability/operability and coordination among the trades, coordination between the specifications and drawings, compliance with M.G.L. c.149A for procurement, installation and construction, and sequence of construction, including recommendations designed to minimize adverse affects of labor or material shortages. The CM reviews shall be performed by the project team members as approved by DCAMM. The reviews shall be provided in writing with detailed notations on the drawings and specifications and coordinated with a detailed spreadsheet of the notations and recommended solutions in order to track the issues to final resolution. The CM shall attend meetings as necessary with the Designer and DCAMM in order to discuss and resolve all issues. FOR DCAMM USE ONLY
Design Review. Developer acknowledges and agrees that in reviewing and approving documents under this Section, Agency is acting as a legal entity separate and distinct from the City and that Agency’s actions in this regard are separate and distinct from the City’s conduct of its typical governmental functions and exercise of its police powers in its governmental capacity.
Design Review. BGC acknowledges and agrees that design and architectural review by the Agency and its consultants will be required at each stage of the development of the BGC Facility and that additional sketches, plans, and ultimately working drawings, specifications and similar documents will be required to be submitted for review and approval by the Agency pursuant to the Definitive Agreement. All design submittals and related work shall be provided at the sole cost of BGC.
Design Review. At appropriate stages of design, documented reviews of the design results shall be planned and conducted. Participants at each Design Review shall include representatives of all functions concerned with the design stage being reviewed, as well as other specialist personnel, as required. Records of such reviews shall be maintained. Any computer software used to perform alternative calculations or verify clearances through the use of scale models or computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) techniques shall be validated before the use of the application, with validation documented in accordance with Section 2.2.15. In addition, at each submittal to IFA for review, Developer shall provide hand calculations that validate any calculations performed by computer software.
Design Review. The plans and specifications for each New Project shall be subject to Licensor’s review and, upon reasonable notice, inspection to ensure that they are in compliance with Brand Standards (subject to Project-specific variations to the Brand Standards that may be agreed to by the parties) and with Licensee’s obligations hereunder in accordance with the Design Review Addendum, the form of which is attached hereto as Exhibit G, and each such Project shall be submitted to Licensor’s design review process for review, comment, and approval. Licensee shall pay (or cause to be paid) to Licensor or its Affiliate a fixed fee for such review activities in accordance with the Design Review Addendum. Licensee agrees that, as between Licensee and its Affiliates on the one hand and Licensor and its Affiliates on the other hand, Licensee and its Affiliates (and not Licensor and its Affiliates) are responsible for: (i) ensuring that any design, construction documents, specifications, and any work related to the Projects complies with all Applicable Laws, including any requirements relating to disabled persons; (ii) any errors or omissions; or (iii) discrepancies of any nature in any drawings or specifications. Licensee further acknowledges and agrees that: (a) any review by Licensor or its Affiliates of plans for any Project is limited solely to determining whether the plans comply with the Brand Standards; and (b) Licensor and its Affiliates will have no liability or obligation with respect to the construction, conversion, renovation, upgrading or furnishing of the Projects other than as set forth in the Design Review Addendum.
Design Review. The Independent Tester shall: Monitor and report upon the implementation of the Design Quality Plan for the construction, structural and engineering services design for the Project. Monitor the detailed working drawings and specifications for a sample number and type of rooms which in his professional judgment is appropriate to be selected by the Independent Tester to verify that they comply with the Approved RDD as described in the Design Build Finance and Maintain Agreement. The Independent Tester has indicated that in normal circumstances [twenty-five percent (25%)] of rooms should be sampled. If in the professional judgment of the Independent Tester, because of the results of its sample or other circumstances a different sampling percentage is appropriate, he shall provide a detailed report in respect of that and, if so agreed (or determined as between Sub-hubco and the Authority by the Dispute Resolution Procedure) any change in the percentage sampling resulting in a change in fees will be borne by Sub-hubco and the Authority as they shall agree or as determined by the Dispute Resolution Procedure. [Review the detailed design information for any approved design or specification variations for compliance with the performance and quality standards of the Design Build Finance and Maintain Agreement, [insert reference to Equipment services contract and any Equipment performance measures] and quality standards as set out in the [refer to Equipment Service Level Specification] and the Contractor's Quality Plan.] PROCEDURE REVIEW The Independent Tester shall: Monitor the operation of the quality assurance procedures of the Contractor at regular intervals (maximum [three (3)] months) during the execution of the Works. The Independent Tester shall familiarise itself with the proposed procedures and programmes for the testing and commissioning of the [Mechanical and Electrical engineering services] prior to the Authority's occupation. Monitor the procedures for the identification, approval and recording of agreed Changes to the Works in accordance with the Design Build Finance and Maintain Agreement. Review any samples or mock ups as required by Schedule [●] and check that they have been approved in accordance with the Design Build Finance and Maintain Agreement.
Design Review. Based on FEMA’s review of the scope of work and/or plans, if FEMA determines that the proposed Undertaking may adversely affect historic properties FEMA will include a comment in its review of the project; project worksheet; or subgrant application that requires the Recipient and/or subrecipient to provide additional information to FEMA during plan development.