water services definition

water services means water supply services and sanitation services;
water services means all services which provide, for households, public institutions or any economic activity:
water services means all services, including the provision of water intended for human consumption, which provide storage, measurement, treatment or distribution of surface water, ground water or water supplied by Irish Water, or Wastewater collection, storage, measurement, treatment or disposal.

More Definitions of water services

water services means water supply, sewerage, drainage or irrigation services;
water services means water supply services and sanitation services, as defined in these By-laws and includes the collection and disposal of industrial effluent;
water services means the supply of potable water and, where a municipal sewerage reticulation system exists, the disposal of sewage;
water services means the services described in Clause 4.2 under Category A (Water Services);
water services means those services as defined in the Act;
water services means any services of or incidental to the supply of water and includes the provision of sewerage services;
water services. ’ means ’’water services’’ as defined in section 1 of the Water Services Act, 1997 (Act No. 108 of 1997), and includes the abstraction, conveyance, treatment and distribution of potable water, water intended to be converted to potable water or water for commercial and industrial use;