Third Party Services definition

Third Party Services means any products or services of a Third Party that you can access through the Services;
Third Party Services means services provided by a third party, including Airtime Services, services provided by a third party MoR or payment processor, and any website that is not operated by RIM.
Third Party Services means the third party services, if any, identified in the Investment Summary.

More Definitions of Third Party Services

Third Party Services means certain services other than services provided by Seller, including, but not limited to, on-going support and/or maintenance services (each of which if provided may be subject to third party terms and conditions which are available from Seller on request), extended warranty service by manufacturers, that are sold by Seller as a distributor or sales agent.
Third Party Services shall have the meaning set out in Article 4.
Third Party Services means any product(s) (e.g. Apps, software, or forms), tool(s) (e.g. integration or development tools) or service(s) (e.g. cloud services, hosting, implementation, configuration, development or accounting services) provided by a party other than Sage or our subcontractors.
Third Party Services means any and all third-party services (including associated APIs and web service definition files) that may be made available to Customer or its End Users through the Managed Services.
Third Party Services any part of the Services that the Supplier procures from a third Party and that the Supplier uses in order to provide the Services
Third Party Services means services and data provided by third parties in connection with or related to Services. Third-Party Services include, but are not limited to, accounting or expense management platforms, payment processors and e-commerce platforms, and applications used to monitor Linked Accounts.
Third Party Services. Means services offered by third parties that may be accessed by you from within the Services used to assist with translation.