Site Locations definition

Site Locations means the place or places at which Franchisee conducts courses available under the TPR Method. For so long as this Agreement continues in effect, Franchisor itself shall not, nor will it franchise or license any other party or parties to, nor will it permit any officer of Franchisor to, establish and operate a similar test preparation business under any name or mark at any location within the geographical area above described, except to the extent provided by Subparagraph VI. B.
Site Locations means such locations as set out in the Proposal or as agreed between the parties from time to time; “Target Service Availability” has the meaning as set out in paragraph 27.1;
Site Locations has the meaning set out in Schedule 7 [Lands];

Examples of Site Locations in a sentence

  • Should it become necessary for BellSouth to re-key Remote Site Locations or deactivate a card as a result of a lost Access Key(s) or for failure to return an Access Key(s), ALCALL shall pay for all reasonable costs associated with the re-keying or deactivating the card.

  • BellSouth Remote Site Locations include cabinets, huts, and controlled environmental vaults owned or leased by BellSouth that house BellSouth Network Facilities.

  • BellSouth will maintain on its Interconnection Services website a notification document that will indicate all Remote Site Locations that are without available space.

  • To the extent this Attachment does not include all the necessary rates, terms and conditions for BellSouth Remote Site Locations other than cabinets, huts and controlled environmental vaults, the Parties will negotiate said rates, terms, and conditions upon request for collocation at BellSouth Remote Site Locations other than those specified above.

More Definitions of Site Locations

Site Locations means each of the site locations more particularly described in Appendix 7A [Site Locations]; and
Site Locations means the properties municipally known as:
Site Locations. Include route number or highway name, nearest cross streets, mile marker numbers if known, closest landmarks if any. Total Miles: Number of Group Participants: Dates of Commitment: to Date Safety Training Performing: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT OF SAFETY BRIEFING I, the undersigned, acknowledge that I received a safety briefing conducted on
Site Locations has the meaning set out in Schedule 7 [Lands]; “Site Migration” has the meaning set out in Schedule 8 [Payments];
Site Locations means the locations in respect of which Egton shall provide the Solution as detailed in Egton’s written quote or as otherwise agreed in writing with Egton.
Site Locations or “Premises” means the premises authorized by the Host for purposes of this agreement as per Schedule A.
Site Locations. The location at which the Subscriber accesses StratoMineR