Security Services definition

Security Services means, a systemic approach to managing an organisation’s security needs as per specifications, terms and conditions stipulated under the contract, the organisation in this case refers to Medical Colleges/ Hospitals
Security Services means the services specified in Box 7 and Clause 3 (Security Services) and all other functions performed by the Contractors under the terms of this Contract.
Security Services. / "Scope of Services" means the Security Services to be performed or rendered by the Contractor / SS Provider, in relation to the banking business and operations at its offices/branches/centers/premises/buildings/quarters etc. owned or otherwise of IDBI Bank and matters related to or incidental to the foregoing as described in clause 2 (Scope of Security Services) and Annexure A, and any alterations thereof.

Examples of Security Services in a sentence

  • Security services for DOD will be provided to five (5) DOD site locations, which are identified in Attachment G.

  • Bank Solvency Certificate on any date after publishing of this e-tender for an amount equal to 3 (three) months’ total bill for supplying Security services at rate quoted by bidder at full bed-occupancy of health facility, plus the minimum statutory emoluments payable to the maximum staff deployable at that facility during this periodBank Solvency amount for Ranaghat S.D Hospital, Naida is Rs. 5,40,000/-Bank Solvency amount for Chakdaha S.G Hospital, Naida is Rs. 7,35,000/-iv.

  • In view of the above, the Petitioner has prayed that the impugned order may be reviewed and impact of GST on Security services for Rs. 84.42 lakh may be allowed.

  • Is a Local Registered Company, registration of firm from Security and Exchange Commissionof Pakistan or Joint Venture (JV) complying with criteria given in Clause No. 13 of RFP.11.2. Has been registered for at least 5 years (In case of JV, at least one member must meet thecriteria)11.3. Has proven experience of Security services for at least 5 years.

  • The matching of the interface references are validated by a Contract Repository, which is obtained when generating the mapping of the ASN.1 specifications to IDL, to ensure that the two interfaces match the ASN.1 contract specifications.If the ROS bind operation contains authentication information, the bind operation invoked on the Contract service interface can also make use of the CORBA Security services to verify if the invoker has permission to invoke operations on the responder’s supported interface.

More Definitions of Security Services

Security Services. , in relation to a member, means a member of
Security Services. ’ means the security services of the Republic established in terms of Chapter 11 of the Constitution;
Security Services. Sub-Sector: Industry Classification: CPC 873
Security Services means the filtering and processing of email within the on-demand, Web-based email security and data loss prevention services provided by Proofpoint, including updates thereto.
Security Services means services, whether provided by a third party for consideration, or by employees as an internal, proprietary function, to pro- tect people or property, including ac- tivities to: Patrol, guard, or monitor property (including real property as well as tangible or intangible personal property such as records, merchandise, money, and equipment); protect against fire, theft, misappropriation, vandalism, violence, terrorism, and other illegal activity; safeguard per- sons; control access to real property and prevent trespass; or deter criminal activity on the authorized employer’s or another’s premises. This definition does not cover services by the employ- ees described in § 105.22(f) as excluded from the definition of private security officer.
Security Services. Landlord currently provides basic security services, which include card access, security patrols and limited camera surveillance. Landlord shall provide one access card, without charge but subject to change without notice, to each employee at the beginning of the Lease Term and to each new employee when they are employed. There will be a $15.00 charge, subject to adjustment without notice, to Tenant for each card that needs to be replaced or changed for any reason, and that is not returned at the end of the Lease. Landlord will provide two keys to the locks on the corridor doors entering the Premises, with additional keys to be furnished by the Landlord at Tenant’s expense. The Landlord, at Tenant’s expense, shall provide any keys or locks needed within the Premises. Landlord reserves the right to change these services upon notice.
Security Services means the assessment to be performed by the SECURITY AGENCY pursuant to this Contract, as described in Appendix A;