Group Company definition

Group Company of a Company means
Group Company means any of the Company and its Subsidiaries.
Group Company means any one of them;

Examples of Group Company in a sentence

  • Profit/(loss) before taxatiou (cout’d)The following items have been included in arriving at profit/(loss) before taxation (cont’d): Group Company 2013RM’000 2012RM’000 8.Employee beuefits expeuse Group Company 2013RM’000 2012RM’000 Included in employee benefits expense of the Group and the Company are executive director’s remuneration amounting to RM683,000 (2012: RM744,000) and RM682,000 (2012: RM645,000) respectively.

  • KUB MALAYSIA BERHAD (6022-D) annual report 2013 61STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITIONAS AT 31 DECEMBER 2013 Group Company The accompanying accounting policies and explanatory notes form an integral part of the financial statements.

  • Issuer: SG Issuer Company: Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.

  • Any company that has shareholding (whatever be the proportion) in the life insurance company will come under the purview of Group Company.

  • REVENUE Group Company 2014RM’000 2013RM’000 5.OPERATING COST Group Company 2014RM’000 2013RM’000 85Annual Report 2014 notes to the financial statements 5.

More Definitions of Group Company

Group Company means any subsidiary or holding company of the Appointee and any subsidiary of any holding company of the Appointee (other than the Appointee);
Group Company means a member of the Group and “Group Companies” will be interpreted accordingly;
Group Company any company which is a holding company or subsidiary of the Company or a subsidiary of a holding company of the Company.
Group Company means any of them.
Group Company means any of them;
Group Company means any one of them.
Group Company means any direct or indirect subsidiary or any direct or indirect holding company or any such subsidiary of any such holding company or any such holding company of such subsidiary, “subsidiary” and “holding company” having the meanings defined in Section 1159 of the Companies Act 2006 as amended;