Retiree definition

Retiree means an individual who has qualified for an allowance under this
Retiree means any person who has begun accruing a retirement

Examples of Retiree in a sentence

  • As a result, the use of such conditions of eligibility for retiree medical benefits evidences an intention that such benefits are also non-forfeitable.The Retirees further alleged that the County repeatedly stated in writing that it followed the practice of paying all or substantially all of the cost of Retiree health benefits.

  • Fitch, “State Retiree Healthcare Costs Now Exceed Healthcare Costs for Current Employees,” Yankee Institute for Public Policy, Apr.

  • The Funds included are:▪ Consolidated Fund▪ Defined Benefit Pension Plan Fund▪ Retiree Medical Plan Fund▪ Interest Free Loan and Operating Surplus Reserve Fund▪ Gift Annuity Reserve Fund▪ Pooled Life Income Fund▪ Charitable Remainder Trusts Fund▪ Segregated Reserve Account FundEach Fund will adhere to the SRI investment policy as described in this Investment Policy Statement.

  • The Absence of Explicit Duration-Limiting Language, the Extrinsic Evidence, and/or, in Some Instances, the Eligibility Requirements Contained in the Contracts’ Retiree Health Care Subsections Themselves, Are Sufficient to Establish An Ambiguity.

  • Retiree Provisions Effective 1/1/2020: Applicable for the term of the Agreement to Eligible Retired Employees who terminate during the term of the Agreement.

More Definitions of Retiree

Retiree means any person who has begun accruing a
Retiree means a former employee of the State of Illinois, or one of its branches thereof, who meets the Plan Sponsor’s definition of retired employees and to whom the Plan Sponsor offers Coverage under the Plan.
Retiree means any person in receipt of a retirement
Retiree means a recipient of a pension under the College Pension Act who was previously employed by Capilano College, or a former employee of Capilano College, with a minimum period of employment at the College of ten (10) FTE years, who has retired from work.
Retiree or "retired member" means a member who is receiving full or partial pension benefits or
Retiree means a person who formerly qualified as an Employee, who has retired from active employment while covered by this Plan, and on whose behalf the Employer continues to make the required contributions to the National IAM Benefit Trust Fund, but only if the particular Plan allows for Retiree coverage.