Standards and Procedures Sample Clauses

Standards and Procedures. Such standards and procedures shall include security controls, identification and patching of security vulnerabilities, change control process and procedures, and incident prevention, detection, remediation, and management.
Standards and Procedures. (As applicable) (revised 02-18-2010 and 03-07-2017) Consultants will access information about the Department’s activities through the internet. The Department’s web page can be found at : xxxx://xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/transportation All services provided to NJDOT shall conform to the procedures located within the Department’s Capital Project Delivery website which can be found at: xxxx://xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/transportation/capital/pd/
Standards and Procedures. The Claims Administrator shall prepare standards and procedures for the submission, timing and adequacy of documentation for potential additional Stage 2 participants who self-identify. The Parties shall provide assistance to the Claims Administrator to develop such standards and procedures. The Interior Defendants shall designate a liaison to the Claims Administrator for purposes of verifying documentation or responding to other queries regarding submitted documentation that might not be addressed by the agreed-to standards and procedures. The Claims Administrator may rely upon the Interior liaison’s response or, after 14 days, the absence of a response, to the query in evaluating the submitted documentation. The Claims Administrator will take reasonable steps to provide assistance to potential claimants at all phases during the Stage 2 distribution so that they can comply with the agreed-to standards and procedures for the submission of documentation. The Claims Administrator shall maintain adequate records documenting all communications with Class Members and such records shall be available to the Parties upon reasonable request.
Standards and Procedures. The presentation of a uniform image to the public is an essential element of a successful franchise system and FRANCHISEE agrees to operate the BUSINESS in accordance with the specifications, standards and procedures prescribed by COMPANY, including without limitation: (1) mechanical condition, running order, safety, repair, age and appearance of Rental Vehicles; (2) the safety, maintenance and appearance of the Premises; (3) appearance and training of employees; (4) use of standard rental and leasing agreements and forms; (5) minimum standards with respect to customers and hours of operation of the BUSINESS; (6) compliance with and participation in COMPANY's programs; (7) compliance with all reasonable insurance policy requirements of COMPANY; (8) establishment of minimum daily business hours for the BUSINESS; (9) proper display of the Marks; (10) quality business and advertising practices and controls; and (11) obtain an automobile dealer's license, where possible. Mandatory specifications, standards and operating procedures prescribed from time to time by COMPANY in the Operating Manual for the BUSINESSES or communicated to FRANCHISEE in writing, shall constitute provisions of this Agreement as if set forth herein. All references herein to this Agreement shall include all such mandatory specifications, standards and operating procedures. COMPANY will loan to FRANCHISEE during the term of the Franchise one copy of the Operating Manual. COMPANY shall have the right to add to and otherwise modify the Operating Manual from time to time to reflect changes in the specifications, standards or operating procedures for a RENT-A-WRECK business. FRANCHISEE shall keep his copy of the Operating Manual current. The master copy of the Operating Manual shall be maintained by COMPANY at its principal office and shall be controlling in the event of a dispute.
Standards and Procedures. (i) The guaranty agency shall establish, dis- seminate to concerned parties, and en- force standards and procedures for—
Standards and Procedures. The Company has previously delivered to the Purchasers or will deliver to the Purchasers upon request copies of the credit and loan standards, procedures and guidelines employed by the Company and its Subsidiaries. To the Company’s knowledge, such standards, procedures and guidelines are followed by the employees and personnel of the Company and its Subsidiaries in conducting the business of the Company and its Subsidiaries, except for failures to follow such standards, procedures and guidelines which, individually or in the aggregate, would not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.
Standards and Procedures. FRANCHISEE acknowledges and agrees that each and every detail of the appearance and operation of the STORE is important to COMPANY and other TREATS Stores. COMPANY shall endeavor to maintain high standards of quality and service at all TREATS Stores. To this end, FRANCHISEE agrees to cooperate with COMPANY in maintaining such high standards in the STORE and, accordingly, agrees to comply with all mandatory specifications, standards and operating procedures (whether contained in the Operating Manual or any other written or oral communication to FRANCHISEE) relating to the appearance or operation of a TREATS Store (the "System Standards"), including, without limitation:
Standards and Procedures. ‌ Once a standard is approved, its use may occur without reference back to the other section, providing the standard is applicable and complied with.
Standards and Procedures. You acknowledge that operating the Franchised Distributorship under our standards of service and quality and according to the "Sharing Opportunity" is important to us, our other Franchised Tupperware Distributorships and Consultants. We will endeavor to maintain high standards of quality and service for all Franchised Tupperware Distributorships. To this end, you agree to cooperate with us by maintaining those high standards of quality and service in operating the Franchised Distributorship. You agree to comply with all mandatory standards and operating procedures relating to the distribution of TUPPERWARE Products, recruitment of and relations with Consultants and operation of the Franchised Distributorship, whether or not part of the Marketing Methods. You agree to participate in any national promotions that we conduct (although you may determine the prices at which you sell TUPPERWARE Products). Any mandatory standards and operating procedures (whether or not part of the Marketing Methods) that we prescribe from time to time in the Operating Manuals, or otherwise communicate to you in writing, will be considered provisions of this Agreement as if fully set forth in this Agreement. All references to "this Agreement" include all of these mandatory standards and operating procedures.
Standards and Procedures. CVP-2 Service Providers shall create, implement and maintain security standards and procedures detailing how the policy will be implemented. These standards and procedures shall be consistent with the guidelines in ISO/IEC 27002 and any updated version of ISO/IEC 27002 Information Security – Code of practice for information security management.