Designated User definition

Designated User means any person(s) that you authorise as users of your Broadband service.

Examples of Designated User in a sentence

  • The parties may only modify or amend this Agreement by a writing signed by both parties; provided, however, that Client may increase Client’s licensed Designated User, prop- erty, unit, etc.

  • Client shall inform each Designated User of this Agreement’s terms and restrictions and shall enforce such restrictions.

  • Each Password shall be personal and unique to the ap- plicable Designated User, and may not be used by anyone other than such Designated User.

  • Client shall be responsible for maintaining Designated User Password security.

  • Client’s application support POC(s) will be Designated Users, will designate the other Desig- nated Users, and will provide each other Designated User with a Password.

More Definitions of Designated User

Designated User means an individual Employee who is authorized by Client to use the TCP Services on behalf of the Client, and whose Personal Data may be processed or stored by or transmitted to TCP in connection with the TCP Services.
Designated User means a Person designated as such by a Lender or the Administrative Agent.
Designated User means the individual(s) designated by You as the technical contact(s) who may file and engage with NVIDIA on Technical Support.
Designated User or “DU” means a Client employee or Contractor designated by Client to access the Yardi Cloud and Use the Yardi Cloud Services and Licensed Programs for Business Pur- poses.
Designated User means any person(s) that you authorise as users of your Internet Service.
Designated User means a person who has been designated by the Client to use the Services on behalf of the Client.
Designated User means a single distinct person for whom You have purchased a license to use the Software, whether such person is an employee acting within the scope of their employment with You or Your consultant or contractor acting within the scope of the services they provide for You. A Designated User can be replaced with a new Designated User only after being a Designated User for a minimum of six (6) months.