Definition of Potential Enrollee

Potential Enrollee means a MMC Eligible Person who is not yet enrolled in a MCO that is participating in the MMC Program.
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Examples of Potential Enrollee in a sentence

The Potential Enrollee or Enrollee is permitted to withdraw the request at any time.
Cold Call Marketing - Any unsolicited personal contact by the Contractor with a Potential Enrollee for the purpose of marketing as defined in 42 CFR 438.104(a).
The MCO, its agents and Marketing representatives, may not offer or grant any reward, favor or compensation as an inducement to a Potential Enrollee or Enrollee to enroll in the MCO.
Potential Enrollee Information Information is distributed to potential enrollees by: ___ State X contractor (please specify) On March 12, 2010, the enrollment broker contract was amended to change the name from EDS Information Services, LLC to HP Enterprise Services, LLC.
Prior to submitting or entering an enrollment form to the STATE, or entering enrollment information on MMIS, the MCO must verify (or must contractually arrange for verification of) Medicare status of the SNBC Dual Eligible Potential Enrollee via the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug User Interface (MARx) or other system as directed by the STATE and CMS.