Uniform Resource Locator definition

Uniform Resource Locator or “URL” means a character string that points to a resource on an intranet or the Internet.
Uniform Resource Locator an internet web address.
Uniform Resource Locator or "URL", shall mean a series of listed websites, containing folder names, language protocols and so on.

Examples of Uniform Resource Locator in a sentence

  • Portal means the website consisting of a connected group of static and dynamic (functional) pages and forms on the World Wide Web accessible by Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and maintained by DOES to provide information and reporting functionality to EMPLOYERS.

More Definitions of Uniform Resource Locator

Uniform Resource Locator or “URL” means a locator, which is the full address for the Customer’s website.
Uniform Resource Locator. (“URL”) means the address of a resource (such as a website) on the internet that consists of a communications protocol, then the name or address of a computer on a network(s), and which may include additional locating information, like a hostname, or filename.
Uniform Resource Locator and shall mean the address that defines the route to a file on the Web or any other Internet facility.
Uniform Resource Locator means the address of a specific web site or file.
Uniform Resource Locator or “URL” means a formatted text string used by web browsers, email clients and other software to identify a network resource on the internet.
Uniform Resource Locator the address of a computer or a document on the Internet that consists of a communications protocol followed by a colon and two slashes (e.g., http://), the identifier of a computer (e.g., xxx.xxxxxx.xxx) and usually a path through a directory to a file.
Uniform Resource Locator means the address of a Website on the WWW, an example of which is the URL for the AltaVista Search Service available at http://xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx. xxm.