Supply of Water Sample Clauses

Supply of Water. The Contractor shall provide on the Site to the satisfaction of the Engineer an adequate supply of drinking and other water for the use of the Contractor's staff and work people.
Supply of Water. 3.1 3.1 We agree to supply water to you at those eligible Premises in the Xxxxxx and East Surrey Water region.
Supply of Water. The Contractor shall, having regard to local conditions, provide on the Site an adequate supply of drinking and other water for the use of the Contractor’s Personnel.
Supply of Water. 4.1 The Water to be supplied by the Company to the Xxxxxx from the Commencement Date and shall only be used for irrigating the Property set out in Schedule 1 and shall not be used for any other purpose except with the consent of the Company the giving of such consent being at the sole discretion of the Company.
Supply of Water. 3.1 Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Company will supply water to the Xxxxxx in each Irrigation Season in consideration of the payment of the Water Charges.
Supply of Water. The Contractor should make at his own cost his own arrangement for supply of water required for the work including water required for work and also for drinking purpose.
Supply of Water. 3.1 The Consumer agrees to use the water supplied for the purposes stated in the Application Form.
Supply of Water. The Employer makes available reasonable quantities of cooling and demin water required for the purposes of this contract. The Contractor provides, at its own cost, all connection equipment necessary to lead the water from the Employer’s point of supply to where it is required. Such fittings are compatible with the Employer’s fitting to prevent galvanic corrosion. The Contractor is responsible for maintaining the equipment and removing it on completion of the works.
Supply of Water. PWW agrees to provide MVD with up to 1.0 MGD (million gallons per day) through an existing and operational interconnection point between MVD and PWW.
Supply of Water. 2) The Contractor shall provide water for the use of the Contractor's staff and workpeople.