Calculation Sample Clauses

Calculation. Interest will be computed on the basis of a year of 360 days and paid for the actual number of days elapsed.
Calculation. The prorations and payments shall be made on the basis of a written statement submitted to Buyer and Seller by Escrow Holder prior to the Close of Escrow and approved by Buyer and Seller. In the event any prorations or apportionments made under this subparagraph D shall prove to be incorrect for any reason, then any party shall be entitled to an adjustment to correct the same provided written notice of such inaccuracy and request for correction is given within six months after the date hereof. Any item which cannot be finally prorated because of the unavailability of information shall be tentatively prorated on the basis of the best data then available and reprorated when the information is available, but not later than six months after the date hereof.
Calculation. The FSA will be calculated as follows:
Calculation. To ensure that the eligible assets (assets discounted based upon Fitch’s and Moody’s ratings, as described below) of the Fund are greater than the Fund’s basic maintenance amount (as described below). If the eligible assets are less than the basic maintenance amount, the Fund fails the test. Basic Maintenance Amount (BMA): The Fund’s basic maintenance amount is the sum of the following: BMA Component Calculation
Calculation. If Landlord either terminates this Lease or terminates Tenant’s right to possession of the Premises, Tenant shall immediately surrender and vacate the Premises and pay Landlord on demand: (a) all Rent accrued through the end of the month in which the termination becomes effective; (b) interest on all unpaid Rent from the date due at a rate equal to the lesser of 18% per annum or the highest interest rate permitted by applicable Law; (c) all expenses reasonably incurred by Landlord in enforcing its rights and remedies under this Lease, including all reasonable legal expenses; (d) Costs of Reletting (defined below); and (e) all Landlord’s Rental Damages (defined below). In the event that Landlord relets the Premises for an amount greater than the Rent due during the Term, Tenant shall not receive a credit for any such excess.
Calculation. (a) To calculate Service Availability, Intermedia uses a combination of methods, including analyzing logs from both Intermedia’s event monitoring system and the actual affected infrastructure components. Intermedia will match these findings with client reports to determine the actual timeframe. Any loss of Service Availability less than five (5) minutes in duration will not be included in the calculation of Service Availability.
Calculation.  Jitter is determined by using 64-byte packets for measuring the mean deviation of the difference in packet spacing at the receiver compared to the sender for a pair of packets. The mean is determined by sampling the PIP Network frequently and averaging the results over a thirty day period. The calculation for Jitter (Ji) for two consecutive packets i and i+1 is as follows: Jitter (Ji) = ∆Ti - ∆Ti’ Where: Ti = time 1st byte of packet i is received by the source Port (ingress time) Ti+1 = time 1st byte of packet i+1 is received by the source Port (ingress time) Ti’ = time 1st byte of packet i is received at the destination Port (egress time) Ti+1’ = time 1st byte of packet i+1 is received at the destination Port (egress time) And: ∆Ti = Ti+1 - Ti (∆Ti is the time interval between packets at ingress) ∆Ti' = Ti+1’ - Ti’ (∆Ti' is the time interval between packets at egress) The Average Jitter (J-avg) is calculated as follows: Average Jitter (J-avg) = ∑ | Ji | / (N-1) Where: N is the number of sample packets over 30 day period  PE Jitter is measured between the respective origination and destination infrastructure Ports, i.e. between the points where the packet enters and exits Verizon’s PIP Network, regardless of the mode of access to Verizon’s PIP Network. External factors, including, but not limited to, Local Access issues, are excluded from the measurement.