Use of Sick Leave Bank Sample Clauses

Use of Sick Leave Bank a. To be eligible for use of days from the sick leave bank, a certificated employee or member of said employee’s immediate family or said employee’s authorized designee, if said employee has no immediate family, shall make written application to the Sick Leave Bank Committee, in care of the superintendent, for leave under this provision, and said application shall be accompanied by a physician’s certificate stating the nature, possible length of absence, and prognosis of the employee’s condition. “Immediate family” for purposes of this provision, shall be interpreted as including only spouse, dependent children, and any other relative residing in the home of the employee at the time of incapacitation.
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Use of Sick Leave Bank. (a) Application for use of Sick Leave Bank days shall be submitted by eligible teachers to the chairman of the committee.
Use of Sick Leave Bank. 1. Application of Need
Use of Sick Leave Bank. An employee may choose to use sick leave from this bank for any reason specified in Sections 1.12.230 and 1.12.232 of the Tacoma Municipal Code, after an absence of more than three consecutive days.
Use of Sick Leave Bank. 1. An employee's Sick Leave Bank is a combination of Annual Sick Days, Excess Carryover days as described in Section 13.02(b)2 and Carryover Days consistent with this Article.
Use of Sick Leave Bank. A nurse absent due to illness/injury shall use the nurse's PTO for the first two (2) days of absence, after which the nurse may access the nurse's sick leave bank. Otherwise, nurses shall use PTO for all illness, etc. There will be no accrual into sick leave banks.
Use of Sick Leave Bank. Employees desiring to use the bank must submit a written request to the committee. The request shall stipulate how their previous sick leave was used and how the requested days will be used.
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Use of Sick Leave Bank. Sick Bank Participants who have exhausted all personal sick leave days and have been absent for five (5) school days after such exhaustion may apply to the Sick Leave Bank Review Board for additional sick leave days in accordance with the guidelines and procedures developed by the Sick Leave Bank Review Board and approved by the Board of Education and posted on the District’s intranet site. The Sick Leave Bank Review Board consists of three teachers (one primary, one intermediate, and one middle school) elected by a process established by the GEA, a principal, the Executive Director of Human Resources, and two representatives from the nonYcertified staff, one of whom is a teaching associate, and shall operate by consensus. The Sick Leave Bank initially shall be implemented for the 1994–95 school year by a contribution of 90 days by the District and one additional day by each participant employed as of 7/1/94 or hired after 7/1/94. A participant withdrawing from the bargaining unit for whatever reason will not be able to withdraw contributed days. The existing procedures and guidelines for use of the Sick Leave Bank shall be reviewed and revised by the Sick Leave Bank Review Board and shall be subject to approval by the Board.
Use of Sick Leave Bank. ‌ In any four-year period, an employee may draw no more than one-hundred-twenty (120) days from the sick leave bank.
Use of Sick Leave Bank. 1. A teacher must be a current contributing member.
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