United Parcel Service Sample Clauses

United Parcel Service. UPS Next Day Air Early, Next Day Air, or Next Day Air Saver
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United Parcel Service. UPS Next Day Air Early, Next Day Air, or Next Day Air Saver (e) UPS Supply Chain SolutionsConstant Surveillance Service
United Parcel Service. In the event a supervisor does perform bargaining unit work, the Employer shall notify the appropriate shop xxxxxxx as soon as possible. The Employer also agrees that supervisors shall not perform bargaining unit work in preparing the work areas before the start of the Employer’s hub, preload or reload operation, nor shall the Employer send any bargaining unit employee home and then have such employee’s work perform by a supervisor. If an aggrieved employee proves at any step of the grievance procedure that a supervisor performed bargaining unit work in violation of the supervisor’s working provisions in this Agreement under which the employee is entitled to be paid, they will be provided the following remedy: If such work amounts to less than two (2) hours, the aggrieved employee will be paid the actual hours worked by the supervisor at the rate of double time. If the supervisor’s work exceeds two (2) hours, the aggrieved employee will be paid four (4) hours or actual hours worked at the rate of double time whichever is greater. Any payments shall be at the grievant’s rate of pay. Such remedy shall be in addition to any other remedies sought by the Union in the applicable grievance procedure.‌ In the event that any supervisor is found to be in violation of the fourth (4th) paragraph of this Article three (3) times in any nine (9) month rolling period, the grievance shall be paid at quadruple time the employee’s rate of pay for the hours specified in the fourth (4th) paragraph of this article.
United Parcel Service. The notice shall be marked to the attention of the President at National Partitions, Inc., 00000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, XX 00000. Such notice shall be deemed given on the date sent. Electronic notices such as facsimile machines, email etc., are not acceptable. Delivery to any person other than the President at National Partitions is not acceptable. In default of such proper notice and delivery as described herein, the claim is waived.
United Parcel Service. One Carrier Component of the Hosted Services allows a communication interface with United Parcel Service, Inc. and its Affiliates (“UPS”) as the Supported Carrier.
United Parcel Service. There Is NO International Jumpseat Available At This Time. xxxx://xxxxxx.xxxxxxxx.xxx/tools/jumpseats/index.php An offline pilot may book a jumpseat as many as 10 days in advance by calling 0-000-000-0000/000- 000-0000, option 4, then 1, then 1. Pick up a jumpseat form from Flight Operations and introduce yourself to the crew. You may have to catch a van to the aircraft in Louisville, so allow extra time. Ask the crew where you should stow your bags—each airplane is ditferent. Please cancel your seat if your plans change. Casual attire or uniform is required, along with airline ID and airman certificate. All times and dates are Zulu time.
United Parcel Service. The Central Region of Teamsters Supplemental Agreement For the Period August 1, 2013 through July 31, 2018 The following Articles and/or Sections of this Central Region of Teamsters Supplement shall supersede or be additions to the corresponding Articles and/or Sections of the National Master United Parcel Service Agreement.
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  • MAINTENANCE OF THE BUILDING /APARTMENT / PROJECT The Promoter shall be responsible to provide and maintain essential services in the Project till the taking over of the maintenance of the project by the Association upon the issuance of the completion certificate of the Project. The cost of such maintenance has been included in the Total Extras and Deposits as mentioned in clause 1.2.

  • MAINTENANCE OF THE SAID BUILDING / APARTMENT / PROJECT The Promoter shall be responsible to provide and maintain essential services in the Project till the taking over of the maintenance of the project by the association of the allottees. The cost of such maintenance has been included in the Total Price of the [Apartment/Plot]. [Insert any other clauses in relation to maintenance of project, infrastructure and equipment]

  • Premises Parking and Common Areas 2.1 Letting Lessor hereby leases to Lessee, and Lessee hereby leases from Lessor, the Premises, for the term, at the rental, and upon all of the terms covenants and conditions set forth in this Lease. Unless otherwise provided herein, any statement of square footage set forth in this Lease, or that may have been used in calculating rental and/or Common Area Operating Expenses, is an approximation which Lessor and Lessee agree is reasonable and the rental and Lessee's Share (as defined in Paragraph 1.6(b)) based thereon is not subject to revision whether or not the actual square footage is more or less.

  • Project Site The “Project Site” is the place where the Work is being carried on.

  • Building and Improvements Lessor shall obtain and keep in force during the term of this Lease a policy or policies in the name of Lessor, with loss payable to Lessor and to any Lender(s), insuring against loss or damage to the Premises. Such insurance shall be for full replacement cost, as the same shall exist from time to time, or the amount required by any Lender(s), but in no event more than the commercially reasonable and available insurable value thereof if, by reason of the unique nature or age of the improvements involved, such latter amount is less than full replacement cost. Lessee-Owned Alterations and Utility Installations, Trade Fixtures and Lessee's personal property shall be insured by Lessee pursuant to Paragraph 8.4. If the coverage is available and commercially appropriate, Lessor's policy or policies shall insure against all risks of direct physical loss or damage (except the perils of flood and/or earthquake unless required by a Lender), including coverage for any additional costs resulting from debris removal and reasonable amounts of coverage for the enforcement of any ordinance or law regulating the reconstruction or replacement of any undamaged sections of the Building required to be demolished or removed by reason of the enforcement of any building, zoning, safety or land use laws as the result of a covered loss, but not including plate glass insurance. Said policy or policies shall also contain an agreed valuation provision in lieu of any co-insurance clause, waiver of subrogation, and inflation guard protection causing an increase in the annual property insurance coverage amount by a factor of not less than the adjusted U.S. Department of Labor Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers for the city nearest to where the Premises are located.

  • Utility Services Company agrees to pay the full cost and expense associated with its use of all utilities, including but not limited to water, sanitary sewer, electric, storm drainage, and telecommunication services.

  • Service Areas The MCP agrees to provide services to Aged, Blind or Disabled (ABD) members, Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) members, and Adult Extension members residing in the following service area(s): Central/Southeast Region ☒ Northeast Region ☒ West Region ☒ The ABD and MAGI categories of assistance are described in OAC rule 5160-26-02. The Adult Extension category is defined in Ohio’s Medicaid State Plan as authorized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The MCP shall serve all counties in any region they agree to serve.

  • Project 3.01. The Recipient declares its commitment to the objectives of the Project. To this end, the Recipient shall carry out the Project in accordance with the provisions of Article IV of the General Conditions.

  • Office Space and Facilities The Adviser will arrange to furnish the Trust office space in the offices of the Adviser, or in such other place or places as may be agreed upon from time to time, and all necessary office facilities, simple business equipment, supplies, utilities and telephone service required for managing the investments of the Trust.

  • Interconnection 2.1.10 Startup Testing and Commissioning

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