Travelers Sample Clauses

Travelers. Low census shall be rotated on a fair and equitable basis. The rotation shall be house- wide, and new employees shall be placed at the top of the rotation list. In administering low census, the Institute will maintain a skill level mix appropriate to the remaining patient requirements. A staff nurse taking voluntary, requested and/or mandatory low census shall not have a reduction in benefits. A nurse who is low-censused and desires additional hours to get up to her FTE shall notify her Nurse Manager in writing. In the event a nurse is low-censused in any form, nurses will be allowed to make requests for PTO, which must be in writing. Accrued PTO can be utilized for low census upon the nurse’s request.
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Travelers c. Nurses working in any time and one-half (1 1/2) or double time (2x) pay condition, except the rest between shifts premium (7.8).
Travelers. All persons in priority groups ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘E’ (travelers) shall be eligible for participation in the Health Reimbursement Account and NCPT Supplemental 401(k) Retirement Plan at the mandatory contribution level only.
Travelers. Standby shifts shall not exceed twelve (12)-hours in length and shall not exceed one (1) shift per schedule period per classified nurse unless the nurse agrees to voluntarily sign up for additional standby shifts. The standby schedule will be posted with the final work schedule pursuant to section 7.4 of the CBA. After the schedule is posted, standby shifts may be given away or traded between nurses. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN UWMC-Montlake – WSNA 2021 – 2023 Biennium THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON (UNIVERSITY) AND THE WASHINGTON STATE NURSES ASSOCIATION (UNION) MOU: GROUND RULES GOVERNING NEGOTIATIONS FOR THE 2023 – 2025 AGREEMENT
Travelers. The Hospital agrees that in its negotiations with Traveler agencies, it will attempt to negotiate contracts requiring Traveler Nurses to share the responsibility with the hospital's regular staff of floating to other clinical units as needed, and/or to be low censused, subject to the Hospital's judgment of the clinical competencies necessary to be retained on any given unit to provide patient care. Letter of Understanding #2 Application of Low Census Call-off, Call-back The parties agree that this XXX illustrates the agreed upon application of the partiescollective bargaining agreement with regard to the following on-call and call-back scenarios. The following illustrative scenarios assume that Nurse is scheduled to work from 7:00 AM – 7:30 PM, and is placed on-call (standby) in six hour segments. Nurse A is called off for low census for the first half of his/her shift and told to report for regular shift at 1:00 PM. Nurse A is placed on Standby for first half of shift Nurse A receives Standby pay for 6 hours until 1:00 PM, and is obligated to come in to work during that period if/when called If Nurse A is called-in during that period while on Standby, he/she receives Call-back pay for the hours worked during that Standby period. At the conclusion of that Standby period (e.g., 1:00 PM), Nurse A’s pay reverts to straight time If Nurse A is not called-in during that period while on Standby, he/she simply reports to work at 1:00 PM at straight time Nurse A is not on Standby for first half of shift No Standby pay, Nurse A has no obligation to answer phone or come in Nurse A simply reports to work at 1:00 PM, at straight time Nurse B works first half of scheduled shift, and is called off at 1:00 PM and placed on Standby for last half of shift. Xxxxx X receives straight time for first half of shift Xxxxx X receives Standby pay for final half of shift, until 7:30 PM, and is obligated to come in to work during that period if/when called If Nurse B is called-in during that period while on Standby, he/she receives Call-back pay for the hours worked until beginning of next scheduled shift, at which time Nurse B’s pay would revert to straight time Examples illustrating Scenario 1, above:
Travelers i) If a Traveler is working on a unit and is unable to float out, no BU RN from that unit will be floated out instead, except in the case of dire emergency.
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Travelers. Per Diem RNs shall submit availabilities prior to the posting of the first draft. Per Diem submission of availabilities is not a guarantee of scheduled shifts. When the core staffing for a particular shift has been met, Per Diem and Traveler RNs may not displace Full Time or Part Time RNs to balance the schedule. 1240 The Facility will have a work schedule of up to six (6) weeks. The final work schedule shall be posted at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of the new schedule. 1241 In establishing a work schedule, the Facility will use bargaining unit Registered Nurses to fill shift vacancies prior to the scheduling and utilization of non‐bargaining unit Registered Nurses. In addition, the Facility shall make reasonable efforts to schedule full‐time and part‐time bargaining unit Registered Nurses on their known preferred workdays and days off prior to the scheduling of bargaining unit Per Diem Registered Nurses and non‐ bargaining unit Registered Nurses. 1242 Registered Nurses shall normally provide at least three (3) weeks advance notice to their immediate supervisor of their preferred workdays and days off prior to the effective date of the next work schedule. Late changes in request by individual Registered Nurses may be possible with the approval of the supervisor. 1243 A Registered Nurse may voluntarily exchange scheduled days off with another Registered Nurse provided that such exchanges are made in writing, are signed by both Registered Nurses, and prior written approval is given by a supervisor and returned to the Registered Nurses within a reasonable period of time. Voluntary exchanges of scheduled days off between Registered Nurses shall not be unreasonably denied. There shall be no limit to the number of swaps, provided the swaps are equal and create no overtime.
Travelers. Be sure to include your name and address, and sign the letter. You must mail your Exclusion Request postmarked by , 2017, to: DAWSEY v. TRAVELERS EXCLUSIONS, X.X. Xxx 0000, , 00000-0000.
Travelers. 3. PPH will make its best efforts to float Registry (If core staff are replaced by registry and therefore required to float out of the unit, an additional $5.00 per hour shall be paid to a Registered Nurse who floats.)
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