Transponders Sample Clauses

Transponders will be assigned to each covert vehicle and are to be stored in the glove compartment, console or other secure place within the assigned vehicle when not in use.
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Transponders a. Except as provided in subparagraph (b), you agree to purchase a sticker Transponder for each vehicle registered to your Account.
Transponders. The transponders on the Satellite and the beams in which these transponders are grouped are referred to as “Transponder(s)” and the “Beam(s),” respectively. Galaxy 18, Galaxy 13 or Horizons 1 or such other satellite as to which Customer may at the time be using capacity hereunder, as applied in context herein, is referred to as the “Satellite.” Intelsat shall not preempt or interrupt the provision of the Customer’s Transponder Capacity to Customer, except as specifically permitted under this Agreement.
Transponders. Commencing on the earliest of (a) thirty (30) months after the PAS-6B Delivery Date, (b) March 1, 2001, and (c) such earlier date as PanAmSat may specify in its sole discretion (the "Availability Date") and for as long as this Agreement remains effective as to PAS-6B, PanAmSat shall make available to Buyer [******************************************************* ********************************************************************** ************************] the two (2) PAS-6B Brazil Beam Transponders denoted as [***] in Appendix A, provided that Buyer, in its good faith judgment, [*************************] Transponders for "Buyer's DTH Service" (as defined below) for use in Brazil. If at any time [**************************** ***********] for Buyer's DTH Service, Buyer shall return them (or, if one is needed, return one) to PanAmSat's use, [************************************* ***************************************]. The [*****] have been designed to perform in accordance with the Performance Specifications for the Buyer's Transponders on PAS-6B, but PanAmSat makes no representation or warranty regarding whether they will perform in this condition when their use is requested by Buyer. Title to the [***] Transponders shall not be conveyed to Buyer and Buyer shall not be entitled to any right of [***] or Substitute Capacity in connection with any failure of the [***] Transponders to perform, whether before or after their requested use, nor shall any right to [***] Transponders be required to be implemented with respect to any "Successor Satellite" or "Collocated Satellite," each as defined below. Where required under Section 5.3, PanAmSat shall employ available spare TWTAs (as defined below) to restore a failed [***] Transponder, but any such spare TWTA employed shall be preemptible by PanAmSat to protect any other Buyer's Transponder on PAS-6B that may fail to meet its Performance Specifications, even if such failure occurs after the initial use of the spare TWTA to restore a [***] Transponder to its Performance Specifications. For the avoidance of doubt, the frequency preemptibility provision shall not apply to TWTAs substituted in the course of the reassignment of TWTAs to restore a non-[***] Transponder to its applicable Performance or Service Specifications (reference is made to the second paragraph of Section 5.3) unless the TWTA employed for a [***] Transponder was already preemptible pursuant to the previous operation of this Section 1.
Transponders. Hard Case Transponders/Bumper Mounts You agree to pay the current selling price for a transponder. If your Transponder fails to operate for reasons other than abuse or improper use and is returned to the LeeWay Service Center within 90 days of purchase date, we will replace the Transponder at no extra charge. If your Transponder is lost or stolen you agree to notify the Service Center immediately, and will be liable for any unauthorized use of your Transponder(s) occurring prior to such notification. You will be charged the current selling price for a replacement Transponder. If your transponder fails to operate in the toll lanes for any reason, you agree to promptly report to the Service Center to have the transponder tested. If the transponder needs to be replaced you agree to pay the current selling price for a transponder.
Transponders. A. All cars must be equipped with a transponder.
Transponders. You agree to adhere or mount and use the transponder in accordance with instructions provided to you in your transponder package. • You agree to be held responsible to TCA for any charges which may arise from using the transpon- der(s). See “Interoperability” section. • TCA agrees to provide you one sticker transponder for each vehicle registered to your account at no charge, as long as that vehicle is registered to the account for a period no less than 90 days. • You agree that you may lose eligibility for any discounts to TCA’s standard toll rates offered to FasTrak accountholders if you generate an excessive volume of image-based transactions, as de- termined at TCA’s sole discretion. • You agree that TCA may charge your account $20 for each switchable transponder you request from TCA. • If a switchable transponder fails to operate for reasons other than abuse or improper use and is returned to the TCA Customer Service Center, within 12 months of the purchase date, we will provide a replacement transponder designed to operate on The Toll Roads at no extra charge. • If a transponder is lost or stolen, you are required to immediately report it via or by telephone at 000-000-0000. You will not be liable for any unauthorized use of the transponder(s) after you notify us that the transponder(s) has been lost or stolen, unless it is determined in TCA’s sole discretion that the transponder(s) was not lost or stolen. If a transponder has been lost or stolen, you will be charged for each replacement switchable transponder you request.
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Transponders a) The buyer agrees to use the equipment as well as systems of the same type only in conjunction with transponders provided by race result Australia. The buyer remains committed to these terms and conditions even if the system has been made available or rented out to third parties by the buyer.
Transponders. In such circumstances, PanAmSat shall use all reasonable efforts to market services from the Service Transponders made available for this purpose (which Customer would thereafter cease to employ) for the interim period to other [***] Filed separately with the Commission pursuant to a request for confidential treatment. potential customers for video, data, or other uses, as market demand and technical considerations may warrant, as reasonably determined by PanAmSat in consultation with Customer, and subject to PanAmSat's reasonable discretion with regard to the terms and conditions of service and selection of appropriate customers, which shall be consistent with its general practices in this regard, and Customer's consent rights set forth in clause (b) of this Section. In such event:
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