By State Street Sample Clauses

By State Street. State Street acknowledges and agrees that the Services are personal in nature. Without the prior written consent of all affected BTC Recipients (which consent may be withheld in any BTC Recipient’s sole discretion), State Street will not have the right to transfer or assign its rights or obligations under the Service Modules for any reason whatsoever, including by operation of Law.
By State Street. State Street may, by giving written notice to the relevant BTC Recipient, terminate any Service Module with respect to such BTC Recipient as of a date specified in the notice of termination only if each such BTC Recipient: (i) materially breaches (which shall be deemed to include any material breach by any Third-Party Provider or other agent of such BTC Recipient) any of its obligations to indemnify or adhere to obligations with respect to confidentiality or the use or protection of State Street’s Intellectual Property, whether arising under this Agreement, any Service Module, or the License Agreements, which breach is not cured (or capable of cure) within thirty (30) days after State Street notifies BTC of such breach; or (ii) fails to pay State Street undisputed fees when due under such Service Module totaling at least four (4) months’ fees, and fails to cure such breach within thirty (30) days of notice from State Street of the failure to make payment.
By State Street. State Street represents and warrants that: -----------------

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  • Duties of State Street A. As the Financial Administrator. The Financial Administrator shall provide the following services, in each case, subject to the control, supervision and direction of the respective Trust and its Board of Trustees/Directors (the "Board") and in accordance with procedures which may be established from time to time between the Trust and the Financial Administrator (including the procedures established in the "Service Level Agreement" as defined in Section V of this Agreement):