All Accrued Sample Clauses

All Accrued. Benefits to which the Executive (or the Executive’s estate or beneficiary) is entitled shall be payable within thirty (30) days following the Termination Date, except as otherwise specifically provided herein or under the terms of any applicable policy, plan or program, in which case the payment terms of such policy, plan or program shall be determinative.

Related to All Accrued

  • Accrued (and theretofore unpaid) interest shall be payable (i) in respect of each Base Rate Loan, quarterly in arrears on each Quarterly Payment Date, (ii) in respect of each Eurodollar Loan, on the last day of each Interest Period applicable thereto and, in the case of an Interest Period in excess of three months, on each date occurring at three month intervals after the first day of such Interest Period and (iii) in respect of each Loan, on any repayment or prepayment (on the amount repaid or prepaid), at maturity (whether by acceleration or otherwise) and, after such maturity, on demand.

  • Payment of accrued interest In the case of an Interest Period longer than 3 months, accrued interest shall be paid every 3 months during that Interest Period and on the last day of that Interest Period.

  • Definition of Accrued Obligations For purposes of this Agreement, “Accrued Obligations” means: (i) the portion of Executive’s Base Salary that has accrued prior to any termination of Executive’s employment with Company and has not yet been paid; and (ii) the amount of any expenses properly incurred by Executive on behalf of Company prior to any such termination and not yet reimbursed. Executive’s entitlement to any other compensation or benefit under any plan of Company shall be governed by and determined in accordance with the terms of such plans, except as otherwise specified in this Agreement.

  • Maximum Accrual Vacation credit may be accumulated to a maximum that can be earned in four (4) years. Further accumulation will not continue when the maximum is reached. When an employee’s vacation reaches the maximum level, and if the employee has been denied vacation during the twelve (12) months, the employee will be paid for the time denied but no more than eighty (80) hours in a pay period. Annual Rate of Vacation Accumulation Maximum 80 hours 320 hours 120 hours 480 hours 160 hours 640 hours 180 hours 720 hours 200 hours 800 hours 240 hours 960 hours

  • Payment of accrued default interest Subject to the other provisions of this Agreement, any interest due under this Clause shall be paid on the last day of the period by reference to which it was determined; and the payment shall be made to the Agent for the account of the Creditor Party to which the overdue amount is due.

  • Payment at Highest Lawful Rate If the Borrower is not obliged to make a payment that it would otherwise be required to make, as a result of Section 5.6(a), the Borrower shall make such payment to the maximum extent permitted by or consistent with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

  • Vacation Accrual An employee shall be allowed to accumulate a maximum of three hundred fifty (350) hours of vacation leave; however, in the event of layoff, resignation, retirement or termination, any unused vacation up to three hundred (300) hours will be paid to the employee. When an employee notifies the Agency they plan to separate from Agency service within the next two (2) calendar months, and the employee has at the time of such notice more than three hundred (300) hours of accrued vacation hours, the Agency and employee will work together to find a mutually agreeable time for the employee to take time off to reduce accrued vacation hours down to the three hundred (300) hours. An appointing authority may authorize cash payment of forty (40) hours, upon determining that granting of vacation leave is not appropriate. The designated supervisor must document the denial of the vacation leave request. Cash payout for accrued vacation leave must not be granted more than once in each fiscal year.

  • Accrued Rights Termination or expiration of this Agreement for any reason shall be without prejudice to any rights that shall have accrued to the benefit of a Party prior to such termination or expiration. Such termination or expiration shall not relieve a Party from obligations that are expressly indicated to survive the termination or expiration of this Agreement.

  • Unpaid Leave Requests by employees for unpaid leave of absence shall be made in writing to the department supervisor and may be granted at the Employer's discretion. The employee shall give at least seven (7) days' notice to minimize disruption of staff. The Employer shall make every reasonable effort to comply with such requests. Notice of the Employer's decision shall be given in writing as soon as possible.

  • Unpaid Leaves A. Leaves of absence without pay or benefits up to one [1] year in duration may be granted upon written request from a bargaining unit member. Requests for leaves of absence shall include the reason for the leave along with the notification of the beginning and ending dates of said leaves. Parental/Child Care leave requests shall also include a statement from the attending physician indicating the anticipated date of birth of the child, where applicable. A bargaining unit member returning from a leave of absence shall be reinstated to the same position and classification he/she held when the leave began. At least thirty [30] calendar days prior to the date a leave is scheduled to expire, the bargaining unit member shall notify the employer of his/her intent to return to work.