Expressions of Interest definition

Expressions of Interest or “EOI” – means publicly advertised notices intended to solicit interests from potential Tenderers before issuing formal Requests for Proposals.
Expressions of Interest has the meaning set forth in Exhibit R-1. “FTC” means the Federal Trade Commission.
Expressions of Interest has the meaning, for ECR Projects only, set forth in Exhibit N-1.

Examples of Expressions of Interest in a sentence

  • The interested parties would be required to provide the information on the above criteria, along with their Expressions of Interest (EOI).

  • Expressions of Interest determined to be formally compliant to the requirements will be further evaluated technically.

  • Expressions of Interest arriving after the deadline will be rejected regardless of the reason for late arrival.

  • Expressions of Interest not obtaining a minimum score of 70% will be rejected.

  • Facsimile responses to this Request for Expressions of Interest are not acceptable.

  • OVERVIEW OF SELECTION PROCESS The Expressions of Interest will be used to determine a reduced candidate's list/short list and also will be used for reference material during the actual selection process.

  • Expressions of Interest are to be mailed or delivered to:Wendy B.

  • It will not be bound to assign any reason for not short-listing any applicant and will not defray any costs incurred by any applicant in the preparation and submission of Expressions of Interest.

  • Expressions of Interest are sought from artists (or a team of collaborating artists) to deliver a piece of Public Art.

  • Henceforth, these criteria will be prescribed in the advertisements seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from the interested parties to act as Adviser.

More Definitions of Expressions of Interest

Expressions of Interest means responses to an Approved List request attached
Expressions of Interest means the response to this pre-qualification document submitted by interested investors.
Expressions of Interest means a written expression from an Interested Party wishing to participate in the Licence Competition;
Expressions of Interest means a call by The Corporation to suppliers to express interest for the provision of alternate options, which cannot be fully defined or specified at the time of the request an d shall include development proposals
Expressions of Interest means expressions of interest provided by members or prospective members of a club in support of an affiliation application.
Expressions of Interest means responses to an Approved List request attached “Return Date” means the return date for Expressions of Interest

Related to Expressions of Interest

  • Expression of Interest means a statement of qualifications submitted in response to and according to the terms of this Request for Expressions of Interest;

  • Identity of Interest means a situation in which a Project Participant has a direct or indirect interest in the ownership of an entity which contracts with a Project Participant to provide land, goods, loans, financial support, or services for the project or where there is a financial, familial, or business relationship that permits less than arm’s length transactions.

  • Floating Rate Security means a Debt Security that provides for the payment of interest at a variable rate determined periodically by reference to an interest rate index specified pursuant to Section 2.03.

  • Floating Rate Notes means the Class A-2b Notes.

  • Fixed Rate Notes Together, the Class A-1a Notes, the Class A-2 Notes, the Class A-3 Notes, the Class A-4 Notes, the Class B Notes, the Class C Notes, the Class D Notes and the Class E Notes.

  • 2023 Notes means the 6 7/8% Notes due 2023 issued by NTL pursuant to the 1988 Indenture.

  • Interest Rate Protection Agreements means any interest rate swap agreement, interest rate cap agreement, synthetic cap, collar or floor or other financial agreement or arrangement designed to protect Guarantor or any Consolidated Subsidiary against fluctuations in interest rates or to reduce the effect of any such fluctuations.

  • Term Notes means the promissory notes of the Borrower in favor of each of the Lenders evidencing the portion of the Term Loan provided pursuant to Section 2.2(d), individually or collectively, as appropriate, as such promissory notes may be amended, modified, restated, supplemented, extended, renewed or replaced from time to time.

  • Interest Rate Protection Obligations of any Person means the obligations of such Person pursuant to any arrangement with any other Person whereby, directly or indirectly, such Person is entitled to receive from time to time periodic payments calculated by applying a fixed rate of interest on a stated notional amount in exchange for periodic payments made by such Person calculated by applying a floating rate of interest on the same notional amount.

  • 2019 Notes has the meaning set forth in the definition of “2018 Exchange Offers”.

  • Proof of Interest means a proof of Interest Filed against any of the Debtors in the Chapter 11 Cases.

  • Interest Rate Protection Agreement means any interest rate swap agreement, interest rate cap agreement, interest collar agreement, interest rate hedging agreement or other similar agreement or arrangement.

  • Class A Notes means the Class A-1 Notes, the Class A-2 Notes, the Class A-3 Notes and the Class A-4 Notes.

  • Fixed Rate means, with respect to any Competitive Loan (other than a Eurodollar Competitive Loan), the fixed rate of interest per annum specified by the Lender making such Competitive Loan in its related Competitive Bid.