Third Party Provider Sample Clauses

Third Party Provider. The Council can pay your Direct Payment to a third party provider, such as a community organisation. • They will look after this money and make payments on your behalf. • You must allow them to give the Council bank statements and the filled out form that says how you have spent the money. This will be every 3 months unless the Council agree to longer intervals. Changing how much Direct Payment you will get The Council will check your Direct Payment and the amount of money you get at least every year. If you have spent too much, or not enough of your Direct Payment, the Council has the right to make a change to your Direct Payment. The Council will check every year that the money you pay (Personal Contribution) towards your care and support is correct. The Council will let you know of any changes to your payment. 4weeks This will be in writing within 4 weeks of the decision being made. If you employ a personal assistant You agree that any person/s who you employ with your Direct Payment are your responsibility. x You need to tell the person that they are working for you and not the Council. This needs to be clearly written in their employment contract.
Third Party Provider. The Instant Pay functionality is facilitated by a third-party provider of payments services. By using Instant Pay, you are subject to any additional terms and conditions for payment imposed by the third-party provider, which we recommend you review.
Third Party Provider. You understand and agree that the Program is provided exclusively by Cysurance and not by Defendify and that Defendify has no obligation to provide the services under the Program.
Third Party Provider. Customer acknowledges that CSC uses a third party to deliver the CSC DNS Services provided under the terms of the Agreement. The Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) for the CSC DNS Services is attached hereto as an Exhibit.
Third Party Provider. User may engage a Third-Party Service Provider to access, use and/or operate TEHTRIS Service. Such activity shall be performed on behalf of User and for the sole purpose of providing services to User. User is responsible for Third Party Service Provider's compliance with the terms of the Agreement. Any breach of the Agreement by the Third-Party Service Provider shall be deemed to be the User's. Each Third-Party Service Provider requiring access to the TEHTRIS Service shall be notified to TEHTRIS in writing with fifteen (15) days' notice and approved in writing by TEHTRIS. TEHTRIS may deny access to a Third-Party Service Provider, including any entity that is a competitor of or affiliated with a business that is a TEHTRIS competitor or any entity not trained for the TEHTRIS Service use. Any failure on the part of the User, with respect to these types of access, shall be deemed as an Agreement essential obligation’s breach. TEHTRIS disclaims any responsibility for the activities provided by the Third Party Provider (including in the event of the Third Party Provider's failure) and, except as otherwise provided, makes no commitment as to the compatibility between TEHTRIS Solutions and any solution developed by a Third Party Provider.
Third Party Provider. XXXX.XXX may use third party service providers to fulfil some part of the services to the Vendor and to the customer.
Third Party Provider. Provider may satisfy its obligation to provide the Transition Services hereunder by (i) causing one or more of its Affiliates to provide such Transition Services or by subcontracting any such Transition Services or any portion thereof to such Affiliates; or (ii) procuring any such Transition Services or a portion thereof from contractors, subcontractors, vendors or other third party providers (each, a Third Party Provider).
Third Party Provider. Spa Space may use Stripe, Inc. (“Stripe”) as its third party service provider for payment services (e.g., card acceptance, merchant settlement, and related services). By using the Services, you agree to be bound by Stripe’s Privacy Policy: xxxxx://, and hereby consent and authorize Spa Space and Stripe to share any information and payment instructions you provide with one or more third party service provider(s) to the minimum extent required to complete your transactions. By making reservations on the Services, you also agree to be bound by Stripe’s Seller Terms: xxxxx://
Third Party Provider. With respect to any Services provided by a Third Party that is not an Affiliate of Seller, Seller shall have no liability in respect of any action or omission of such Third Party in the provision of such Services; provided, however, that (i) if such Third Party fails to perform such Services to the same extent as Seller is obligated to perform such Services under this Agreement, Seller shall perform such Services or cause its Affiliate or an alternative Third Party to perform such Services, and (ii) upon the written request of Purchaser, Seller shall diligently pursue, and use all commercially reasonable efforts to obtain, on behalf and for the benefit of Purchaser and at Purchaser's expense, such monetary and equitable remedies as may be available to Seller and/or Purchaser. For the avoidance of doubt, Seller shall be liable for any action or omission of its Affiliates.
Third Party Provider. Your inspector may have an affiliation with a third party service provider (“TPSP”) in order to offer you additional value‐added services. By entering into this agreement you (a) authorize your inspector to provide your contact information (including telephone number) to the TPSP, (b) waive and release any restrictions that may prevent the TPSP from contacting you (including by telephone), and (c) authorize the TPSP to contact you (including by telephone) regarding special home alarm system offers