Third Party Providers definition

Third Party Providers or “TPPs” means any payment service provider that provides payment services to you or someone else that concerns the Account, for example, an AISP (described in Clause 1(c) below).
Third Party Providers has the meaning set forth in Section 2.4(a).
Third Party Providers means third parties including, in particular, but not limited to, energy providers, network providers, network interconnection point managers or collocated datacenters, material and software providers, carriers, technical providers, security company.

Examples of Third Party Providers in a sentence

  • It is your responsibility to secure, at your own cost and prior to the commencement of any Services, any necessary rights of entry, licenses (including software licenses), permits or other permissions necessary for Prizm or applicable Third Party Providers to provide the Services to you.

  • Since we do not control Third Party Providers, we cannot predict whether such price increases will occur, however, should they occur, we will endeavor to provide you with as much advance notice as reasonably possible.

  • Not all Third Party Services will be expressly identified as being provided by a Third Party Provider, and we reserve the right to change Third Party Providers in our sole discretion as long as the change does not materially diminish the Services that we are obligated to provide or facilitate under a Quote.

  • Miscellaneous Expenses will generally appear as a line item entry on your invoice(s) and may include, for example, small device purchases (such as a UPS), delivery/postal/courier costs, data migration tools, and registration/service initiation fees charged by Third Party Providers.

  • You hereby grant to us and our designated Third Party Providers the right to monitor, diagnose, manipulate, communicate with, retrieve information from, and otherwise access the Environment solely as necessary to enable us or those providers, as applicable, to provide the Services.

More Definitions of Third Party Providers

Third Party Providers means third party providers of products and services to Nearmap. Unlawful Purpose means any unlawful purpose, including but not limited to stalking, harassing or intimidating any person or engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct.
Third Party Providers means the third party(ies) providing Third Party Website(s), contents, products and/or services.
Third Party Providers means all Arrow third party suppliers in relation to the Agreement. ‘User’ means each user within the Customer Group who is provided or to be provided with Services under the terms of this Agreement. ‘User Details’ means in respect of each User, that User’s full name, number, email address and any specific billing requirements. ‘Year’ means, in respect of any Product Agreement, any twelve-month period ending on an anniversary of either (i) the date that the Product Agreement is duly executed, or (ii) if earlier, the date on which Arrow first began to provide Services under that Product Agreement.
Third Party Providers means any foreclosure firms, law firms, foreclosure trustees, subservicers, subsidiaries, affiliates, and any other vendor, agent, independent contractor, or other representative hired by Servicer or Xome that provide Servicing Activities.
Third Party Providers means Persons who own rights to Data Processing Software made available to Customer through the Metrichor Interface.
Third Party Providers means Pershing’s suppliers, vendors or providers that have entered into third-party agreements with Pershing.
Third Party Providers means any third-party provider of products or services to which you have access to, or use of, in relation to the Aviatrix Offerings and that is subject to your agreement with such third party pursuant to Section 17(a).