Third Party Vendors Sample Clauses

Third Party Vendors. Except as provided below, to the extent that any Welfare Plan is administered by a third-party vendor, the Parties shall cooperate and use their commercially reasonable efforts to replicate any contract with such third-party vendor for Parent or SpinCo, as applicable and to maintain any pricing discounts or other preferential terms for both Parent and SpinCo for a reasonable term. Neither Party shall be liable for failure to obtain such pricing discounts or other preferential terms for the other Party. Each Party shall be responsible for any additional premiums, charges, or administrative fees that such Party may incur pursuant to this Section 7.07.
Third Party Vendors. Nothing herein shall impose any duty upon DST in connection with or make DST liable for the actions or omissions to act of the following types of unaffiliated third parties: (a) courier and mail services including but not limited to Airborne Services, Federal Express, UPS and the U.S. Mails, (b) telecommunications companies including but not limited to AT&T, Sprint, MCI and other delivery, telecommunications and other such companies not under the party’s reasonable control, and (c) third parties not under the party’s reasonable control or subcontract relationship providing services to the financial industry generally, such as, by way of example and not limitation, the National Securities Clearing Corporation (processing and settlement services), Fund custodian banks (custody and fund accounting services) and administrators (blue sky and Fund administration services), and national database providers such as Choice Point, Acxiom, TransUnion or Lexis/Nexis and any replacements thereof or similar entities, provided, if DST selected such company, DST shall have exercised due care in selecting the same. Such third party vendors shall not be deemed, and are not, subcontractors for purposes of this Agreement.
Third Party Vendors. At Intrexon’s request, Fibrocell shall promptly provide to Intrexon copies of all agreements between Fibrocell or its Affiliates and Third Party suppliers, vendors, or distributors that relate to the supply, sale, or distribution of Reverted Products in the Territory. At Intrexon’s request, Fibrocell shall promptly: (A) with respect to such Third Party agreements relating solely to the applicable Reverted Products and permitting assignment, immediately assign (or cause to be assigned), such agreements to Intrexon, and (B) with respect to all other such Third Party agreements, Fibrocell shall reasonably cooperate to assist Intrexon in obtaining the benefits of such agreements. Fibrocell shall be liable for any costs associated with assigning a Third Party agreement to Intrexon or otherwise obtaining the benefits of such agreement for Intrexon, to the extent such costs are directly related to Fibrocell’s breach. For the avoidance of doubt, Intrexon shall have no obligation to assume any of Fibrocell’s obligations under any Third Party agreement.
Third Party Vendors. You agree not to hire anyone to perform services or sell goods in the boarding area or on board the Ship unless You notify City Cruises in advance, and City Cruises reserves the right to refuse such services or goods if inappropriate. City Cruises reserves the right to require satisfactory evidence of general liability insurance naming City Cruises as an additional insured and worker’s compensation insurance with a waiver of subrogation as to City Cruises from those You hire or employ to be aboard City Cruises’ vessels and facilities. Anyone You hire will work only for You, and they are not City Cruises’ subcontractors or employees. You agree to be solely responsible to insure, defend, indemnify and hold harmless City Cruises from any claims involving those You hire in conjunction with Your event.
Third Party Vendors. All third party vendors with whom Property Manager contracts on behalf of Owner shall be required to submit certificates of insurance evidencing that such vendor carries at least $1,000,000 in comprehensive general liability insurance and such workers compensation insurance as may be required by statute in the state in which the Property is located. If required by other provisions of this Agreement, Owner shall be added as an additional named insured on such policies of insurance.
Third Party Vendors. Ventiv acknowledges and agrees that Customer may use certain third-party vendors for purposes of performing some of Customer's internal business processes (“Third-Party Vendors”). Customer may allow its Third-Party Vendors (other than Ventiv's direct competitors) to access and use the System subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement solely for Customer's internal business processing services, subject to the following conditions: (i) Customer agrees to be fully responsible for all use of the System by its Third-Party Vendors; (ii) Customer will ensure compliance by Third-Party Vendors of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including without limitation, Section 6 of this Agreement (Confidential Information); (iii) Customer will notify Ventiv of any such Third-Party Vendors (such notification provided when requesting passwords for such Third Party Vendors) and will ensure that each such Third-Party Vendor uses its own unique password as detailed in Section 4 below; and (iv) upon termination of its relationship with such Third-Party Vendors or of this Agreement, Customer will ensure that all access to the System by such Third- Party Vendors ceases immediately.
Third Party Vendors. Upon the request of an Owner, all third party vendors with whom Property Manager contracts on behalf of an Owner for services in excess of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) shall be required to submit certificates of insurance naming an Owner as an additional insured, evidencing that such vendor carries at least One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) in comprehensive general liability insurance and such workers compensation insurance as may be required by statute in the state in which the Property is located. ARTICLE THREE Responsibilities of Owners
Third Party Vendors. Xxxxxxx may from time to time refer the Customer to third party vendors for specific products or services. These vendors are not Xxxxxxx’x subcontractors, so it is the Customer’s responsibility to select and negotiate the terms and conditions of the Customer’s business with them. Xxxxxxx will not be responsible for their products or services.
Third Party Vendors. It is understood that COUNTY may wish to create linkages between the Software Products and other software applications or databases. COUNTY acknowledges that the file structures and business rules of the Software Products and the documentation are the Intellectual Property of Cerner and Company Information, within the meaning of section 12b. COUNTY will not give third party vendors other than Contractor access to this Company Information without the written permission of Cerner. Cerner will give that permission if the third party vendor enters a written Proprietary Rights, Non-Disclosure, and Non-Compete agreement with Cerner.
Third Party Vendors. A. The Comprehensive Digital Services are reliant upon services provided by Diligent as a third-party vendor to USBGFS, and if USBGFS shall cease to have access to the Diligent services for any reason the obligations of the parties hereto with respect to the Comprehensive Digital Services shall immediately terminate without further liability.