Electronic Files Sample Clauses

Electronic Files. By accepting and utilizing any electronic file of any Work Product or other data transmitted by Olsson, the Client agrees for itself, its successors, assigns, insurers and all those claiming under or through it, that by using any of the information contained in the attached electronic file, all users agree to be bound by the following terms. All of the information contained in any electronic file is the work product and instrument of service of Olsson, who shall be deemed the author, and shall retain all common law, statutory law and other rights, including copyrights, unless the same have previously been transferred in writing to the Client. The information contained in any electronic file is provided for the convenience to the Client and is provided in “as is” condition. The Client is aware that differences may exist between the electronic files transferred and the printed hard-copy original signed and stamped drawings or reports. In the event of a conflict between the signed original documents prepared by Olsson and the electronic files, which may be transferred, the signed and sealed original documents shall govern. Olsson specifically disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including without limitation, and any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to any electronic files. It shall be Client’s responsibility to confirm the accuracy of the information contained in the electronic file and that it accurately reflects the information needed by the Client. Client shall not retransmit any electronic files, or any portion thereof, without including this disclaimer as part of any such transmissions. In addition, Client agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to indemnify and hold harmless Olsson, its officers, directors, employees and sub consultants against any and all damages, liabilities, claims or costs, including reasonable attorney’s and expert witness fees and defense costs, arising from any changes made by anyone other than Olsson or from any reuse of the electronic files without the prior written consent of Olsson.
Electronic Files. All design submissions of Design-Builder shall be forwarded to Owner in electronic format pursuant to the requirements of the Contract Documents. Project drawings shall be developed in CAD format, conforming to Owner’s CAD standards. Specifications shall conform to Owner’s Master Specifications and programming shall conform to Owner’s Programming and Documentations Standards.
Electronic Files. 17 Section 4.02. Exchange Act Reporting......................................................................... 17
Electronic Files. Personnel files that are electronically stored will be accessible at central office. Accessibility to these files will be managed by the Superintendent or designee. The confidentiality of these files shall be maintained to the extent permissible by law. This statement shall not be construed to hold the Board liable for any events not within their direct control.
Electronic Files. If not readily available online, the State shall, at the discretion of the State’s Project Manager, provide graphic file data, standards, font libraries, and Micro Station or Geopak cell libraries, etc., as required to provide confirmation to the State’s graphic standards.
Electronic Files. The Design Professional shall make available if requested to the District at each stage of its submission of Schematic Design Documents, Design Development Design Documents, Construction Design Documents, and Bid Documents, the corresponding electronic files for deliverables including Drawings and Specifications. Electronic files should be formatted in the latest version of MS Word (for Specifications and other written materials) and AutoCAD (for Drawings). All progress and final document submittals shall be both in paper and electronic formats. Wherever electronic documentation is required, the format shall be Compact Disk prepared on the most currently available version of AutoCAD. Electronic format information shall be submitted in full compliance with the CAD Layer Guidelines developed by The Task Force on CAD Layer Guidelines and published by the American Institute of Architects Press. The Design Professional is aware that public entities are now required to make said electronic files available to contractor plan room services, upon request, at no charge pursuant to PCC §§10111.2 and 20103.7.
Electronic Files. You agree that we may maintain your records electronically and by use of digital images. We do not retain paper copies of documents, unless required by rule or statute. During our engagement, you may obtain paper copies of documents in your file upon request to us, with reasonable notice. We reserve the right in the exercise of our discretion to charge a reasonable fee for making paper copies, including a per page charge not to exceed $0.30 per page for the cost of paper, toner, equipment charges and an hourly rate for a legal assistant to perform the copying and assembling at the legal assistant’s then hourly rate as provided in Section 4.
Electronic Files. Michigan Trails Magazine is a “computer-to-platepublication. Electronic files required for all advertisements. Artwork must be submitted as a "Press Quality PDF" file. All images must be 300 dpi resolution at 100% of size used in ad, CMYK mode. Electronic files should be emailed as attachment to: rpulver@RockfordAdvertising.com. WEBSITE ADVERTISING SPECIFICATIONS AND POLICIES RESERVATION DEADLINE: None. Ads placed within one week of acceptance of reservation agreement and receipt of ad artwork. TERMS: Payment due in full within 30 days of invoice date. Late payments subject to 18% interest. WEBSITE ADVERTISING ARTWORK SPECIFICATIONS: • Leaderboard ad dimensions are 1450 pixels wide x 180 pixels high. • Billboard ad dimensions are 522 pixels wide x 324 pixels high. • Ad artwork must be in jpeg format with file size less than 30KB. • Submit ad as email attachment to: rpulver@rockfordadvertising.com