Profit corporation definition

Profit corporation means a corporation as defined in Section 16-10a-102.
Profit corporation means a corporation organized for profit and registered under chapter 414.
Profit corporation means a corporation organized for profit and registered under chapter 414. “Public benefit corporation” means any corporation designated by statute as a public benefit

Examples of Profit corporation in a sentence

  • We were established in 2002 as a Not for Profit corporation and operated under the name “Canadian Life and Health Insurance OmbudService” until August 17, 2009.

  • The Board will have final authority over the making of all grants and other charitable expenditures, and nothing in this Article will constitute any restriction or limitation of any powers of the Board conferred by applicable law or these Bylaws, provided that the giving or making of any grant or gift shall not be inconsistent with the charitable purposes of the Internal Revenue code, the Idaho Non Profit corporation law or the Articles of Incorporation.

  • Plaintiff Midwest Fastener Corp is a Michigan Domestic Profit corporation in good standing.

  • It is recommended High School Affiliates be an Illinois Not-For- Profit corporation.

  • Definition: CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATIONOfficial papers the Corporation received, bearing a seal of the State of Indiana, declaring Red Brush Rifle Range a "Not for Profit" corporation.

  • Notary Public My commission expires: Westwood Foundation, a Kansas not-for- Profit corporation By Name Title STATE OF KANSAS ) ) ss.

  • Except as set forth above, the enforcing Party shall bear and be responsible for all costs incurred in connection with each Party’s activities under this Section 10.5.2(a).

  • It isreferred to in these Bylaws as"the Association" or as "APA." 1.2 General: Articlesof Incorporation The Association isorganized as a Not For Profit corporation.

  • The Board should understand that the Hospital is now on a “hard budget” for this huge project as it is a Not for Profit corporation and has certain reporting and budgeting obligations.

  • As a Not for Profit corporation under 501 (C) (3) regulations of the Internal Revenue Act, the Metropolitan Division of the Train Collectors Association shall indemnify each director, officer, and/or agent under them together with each former director, officer and/or agent under them who was or is made party to or a witness in or have been threatened to be made a party to or a witness in any pending or completed action, suit or proceeding whether civil, criminal, administrative, investigative, etc.

Related to Profit corporation

  • Nonprofit corporation means a nonprofit corporation, duly organized, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the jurisdiction of its incorporation and (if a foreign corporation) in good standing under the laws of the State of California, which corporation has established and maintains valid nonprofit status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and all rules and regulations promulgated under such Section.

  • Foreign nonprofit corporation means an entity:

  • Public benefit corporation means a domestic or foreign corporation that is required to be a public benefit corporation pursuant to section 504.1705.

  • Mutual benefit corporation means a nonprofit corporation:

  • Next Michigan development corporation means that term as defined in section 3 of the next Michigan development act, 2010 PA 275, MCL 125.2953.

  • Michigan economic development corporation means the public body corporate created under section 28 of article VII of the state constitution of 1963 and the urban cooperation act of 1967, 1967 (Ex Sess) PA 7, MCL 124.501 to 124.512, by a contractual interlocal agreement effective April 5, 1999, as amended, between local participating economic development corporations formed under the economic development corporations act, 1974 PA 338, MCL 125.1601 to 125.1636, and the Michigan strategic fund.

  • Eligible Corporation means any domestic C corporation (as defined in section 1361(a)(2) of the Code) other than a corporation which is exempt from, or is not subject to, tax under section 11 of the Code, an entity described in section 851(a) or 856(a) of the Code, a REMIC; or an organization to which part I, subchapter T, chapter 1, subtitle A of the Code applies. The Term "Related Person" means any person that bears a relationship to the Transferee enumerated in section 267(b) or 707(b)(1) of the Code, using "20 percent" instead of "50 percent" where it appears under the provisions; or is under common control (within the meaning of section 52(a) and (b) of the Code) with the Transferee.

  • School Corporation means any of the following:

  • Family farm corporation means a corporation founded for the purpose of farming agricultural land in which the majority of the voting stock is held by and the majority of the stockholders are persons or the spouse of persons related to each other within the fourth degree of kinship, according to the rules of the civil law, and at least one of the related persons is residing on or actively operating the farm, and none of whose stockholders are a corporation. A family farm corporation does not cease to qualify under this division where, by reason of any devise, bequest, or the operation of the laws of descent or distribution, the ownership of shares of voting stock is transferred to another person, as long as that person is within the degree of kinship stipulated in this division.

  • Public corporation means a county, city, village, township, port district, drainage district, special assessment district, or metropolitan district of this state, or a board, commission, or another authority or agency created by or under an act of the legislature of this state.

  • Constituent corporation means any corporation which engages with the Company, its Parent or any Subsidiary in a transaction to which Section 424(a) of the Code applies (or would apply if the option assumed or substituted were an ISO), or any Parent or any Subsidiary of such corporation.

  • Professional corporation means a corporation incorporated under former 1962 PA 192, or a corporation incorporated under this act and governed by chapter 2A.

  • of a corporation means all classes of Capital Stock of such corporation then outstanding and normally entitled to vote in the election of directors.

  • Compensation Plan means any compensation arrangement, plan, policy, practice or program established, maintained or sponsored by the Company or any subsidiary of the Company, or to which the Company or any subsidiary of the Company contributes, on behalf of any Executive Officer or any member of the immediate family of any Executive Officer by reason of his status as such, (i) including (A) any "employee pension benefit plan" (as defined in Section 3(2) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended ("ERISA")) or other "employee benefit plan" (as defined in Section 3(3) of ERISA), (B) any other retirement or savings plan, including any supplemental benefit arrangement relating to any plan intended to be qualified under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code"), or whose benefits are limited by the Code or ERISA, (C) any "employee welfare plan" (as defined in Section 3(1) of ERISA), (D) any arrangement, plan, policy, practice or program providing for severance pay, deferred compensation or insurance benefit, (E) any Incentive Plan and (F) any arrangement, plan, policy, practice or program (1) authorizing and providing for the payment or reimbursement of expenses attributable to air travel and hotel occupancy while traveling on business for the Company or (2) providing for the payment of business luncheon and country club dues, long-distance charges, mobile phone monthly air time or other recurring monthly charges or any other fringe benefit, allowance or accommodation of employment, but (ii) excluding any compensation arrangement, plan, policy, practice or program to the extent it provides for annual base salary.

  • S corporation means a person that has made an election under subchapter S of Chapter 1 of Subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code for its taxable year.

  • Owners Corporation means the Owners’ corporation of the Land and the Development incorporated and registered under the Building Management Ordinance;

  • Affiliated group of corporations means an affiliated group as defined in section 1504 of the Internal Revenue Code, except that, if such a group includes at least one incumbent local exchange carrier that is primarily engaged in the business of providing local exchange telephone service in this state, the affiliated group shall not include any incumbent local exchange carrier that would otherwise be included in the group.

  • Domestic Corporation means an entity that is treated as a corporation for U.S. federal income tax purposes and is a United States person under Section 7701(a)(30) of the Code.

  • Incentive Compensation Plan means any plan, agreement or other arrangement that provides for the grant or issuance of equity or equity-based awards and that is now in effect or is hereafter adopted by the Company or the Manager for the benefit of any of their respective employees or other service providers (including directors, advisers and consultants), or the employees or other services providers (including directors, advisers and consultants) of any of their respective Affiliates or Subsidiaries.

  • Equity Compensation means any stock option, stock appreciation, stock purchase, restricted stock, restricted stock unit, long term incentive cash bonus award or any other kind of equity-based plan, program, arrangement or grant regardless of whether the form of distribution is in stock or cash.

  • Executive Management means the CEO and the CFO for purposes of administering this Plan.

  • Foreign professional corporation means a professional corporation organized under laws other than the laws of this state.

  • Constituent Corporations has the meaning set forth in the second recital of this Agreement.

  • Corporate Group means an entity and all affiliates of that entity.

  • General Motors Financial Company, Inc. means General Motors Financial Company, Inc. (f/k/a AmeriCredit Corp.).

  • Incentive Plan means any plan providing compensation that depends on achieving certain performance goals or similar conditions within a specified period;