Absence Sample Clauses

Absence. A Manager may designate a Person to act as his or her substitute and in his or her place at any meeting of the Board of Managers. Such Person shall have all power of the absent Manager, and references herein to a “Manager” at a meeting shall be deemed to include his or her substitute. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, Managers, in their capacities as such, shall not be deemed to be “members” (as such term is defined in the Act) of the Company.
Absence. If the Executive shall fail or be unable to perform his essential duties under this Agreement for any reason, including a physical or mental disability, with or without reasonable accommodation, for one hundred eighty (180) calendar days during any twelve (12) month period or for one hundred (120) consecutive calendar days, then the Company may, by notice to the Executive, terminate his employment under this Agreement as of the date of the notice. Any such termination shall be made only in accordance with applicable law.
Absence. I agree that I am responsible for the safety and security of my Room on a daily basis, and will lock my door or take other measures to secure my Room when I leave for any period of time. I further agree that, should I leave my Room unattended for an extended period of time (i.e. due to travel during holidays, vacations, or Reading Week), I will ensure the safety and security of my Room including, but not limited to, locking my door and closing all windows. I agree that the College, the University of Toronto, and those for whom they are in law responsible, their successors and assigns, shall not be liable for any loss or damage to my personal property arising from, or any way resulting from, my failure to secure my Room during any such absence.
Absence. The Tenant should notify the Landlord of an anticipated extended absence from the Premises in excess of seven (7) days; however, the notice shall be given as soon as reasonably possible after the Tenant knows the absence will exceed seven (7) days.
Absence. Three kinds of absence are described in this paragraph:
Absence. 17.01 Where practicable, a leave of absence without pay and without loss of seniority or benefits may be granted at the discretion of the Company to a four (4) consecutive week period, on a request from the employee.
Absence. (a) In respect of any absence from the Employment due to sickness or injury lasting more than 3 days but less than 8 days the Officer shall send to the Board or to such person as it shall nominate a self certification form, in such form as the Company may reasonably require. In respect of any absence exceeding 7 days, he shall send to the Board or to such person aforesaid a statement of his disability signed by a medical practitioner covering such absence after the seventh day.