Absence Sample Clauses

Absence. Absence from work up to seven (7) weeks within a period of fifty-two (52) consecutive weeks, due to sickness, injury or temporary layoff, shall be considered as time worked for the purpose of determining eligibility for full vacation pay. In the event that an employee is absent from work in excess of seven (7) weeks, as set forth above, whatever vacation pay the employee is entitled to shall be prorated according to straight-time hours actually worked.
Absence. A Manager may designate a Person to act as his or her substitute and in his or her place at any meeting of the Board of Managers. Such Person shall have all power of the absent Manager, and references herein to a “Manager” at a meeting shall be deemed to include his or her substitute. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, Managers, in their capacities as such, shall not be deemed to be “members” (as such term is defined in the Act) of the Company.
Absence. A personal leave of absence, without pay, for a valid rea- son, acceptable to the Company may be requested for a period not to exceed up to one calendar month, pro- viding such leave does not disturb the efficiency of the Employee’s work area, or plant, and such application made to the Supervisor or his representative at least one working week prior to the leave of absence, in writ- ing, and written approval is obtained from the Supervisor or his representative. In cases of emergency, the compa- ny will consider a shorter notice period. When such employee returns to work, he shall be rein- stated to his former classification, seniority permitting. Employees who have been granted a leave will continue to accumulate seniority this period. Educational Leave of Absence A leave of absence for a period not to exceed one year without the loss of seniority will be granted for the purpose of full-time attendance in a government accredited high school, college, university, trade or technology school. Such leave of absence will be available for up to two employees per shift at any one time. Only one employee who works in the skilled trades classifications will be per- mitted to be absent under this article at one time. The employee must submit a request for such leave of absence, along with proof of acceptance or proof of enrolment, at least two calendar months prior to the start of the leave. During the leave, and upon completion of each semester or term, the employee shall submit proof of attendance during such semester or term. The request will include a start date and end date of the leave of absence, and the dates of each semester or term. The employee shall notify the Company within one calendar week if he/she withdraws from the program or ceases to attend classes. Failure to do so will result in the employee being considered absent without leave. Upon completion of the program, ceasing attendance in or withdrawing from the program, the employee shall notify the Company in writing of his/her desire to return to work. Upon receipt of that notice, the Company will have one calendar week to return the employee to his/her previous classification and shift, seniority permitting. Seniority will continue to accumulate during such leave. Courses taken during such leave are not eligible for xxxx- bursement under the Company’s Educational Reimbursement Program.
Absence. If the Executive shall fail or be unable to perform his essential duties under this Agreement for any reason, including a physical or mental disability, with or without reasonable accommodation, for one hundred eighty (180) calendar days during any twelve (12) month period or for one hundred (120) consecutive calendar days, then the Company may, by notice to the Executive, terminate his employment under this Agreement as of the date of the notice. Any such termination shall be made only in accordance with applicable law.
Absence. I agree that I am responsible for the safety and security of my Room on a daily basis, and will lock my door or take other measures to secure my Room when I leave for any period of time. I further agree that, should I leave my Room unattended for an extended period of time (i.e. due to travel during holidays, vacations, or Reading Week), I will ensure the safety and security of my Room including, but not limited to, locking my door and closing all windows. I agree that the College, the University of Toronto, and those for whom they are in law responsible, their successors and assigns, shall not be liable for any loss or damage to my personal property arising from, or any way resulting from, my failure to secure my Room during any such absence.
Absence. This Option shall not vest during any period of long-term disability or personal leave of absence of the Participant from the Company or an Affiliate (as determined under applicable Company policies). If the Participant resumes employment with the Company after a personal leave of absence or long-term disability in accordance with applicable Company policies, vesting shall resume upon the resumption of eligibility, and the Option will continue vesting at the rate provided in Section 6.1 of this Agreement until fully vested. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event shall the term of the Option be extended beyond the date set forth in Section 5 of this Agreement.
Absence. Where you are absent from the Home for a temporary period not exceeding four (4) weeks we will keep your room available for you unless we agree with you otherwise. Fees will still be payable in full during any period of absence while we keep the room for you. If your absence continues for longer than four (4) weeks, we shall only charge you 80% of the Fees payable for any period of absence after this four (4) week period. We are of course happy to discuss any period of absence with you or your Nominated Representative to ensure you are not being charged fees unnecessarily during any period of prolonged absence from the Home.
Absence. The Tenant should notify the Landlord of an anticipated extended absence from the Premises in excess of seven (7) days; however, the notice shall be given as soon as reasonably possible after the Tenant knows the absence will exceed seven (7) days.
Absence. If, for any reason other than exceptional circumstances, you are absent from the Company’s employment or unable to carry out the full duties of your employment, you must contact the company within 30 minutes of your normal start time on the first day of such absence. Failure to do so will result in your absence being classed as unauthorised. An original certificate from a qualified Medical Practitioner must be submitted to (named manager) on the third day of continuous absence and on a weekly basis thereafter. Copies will not be accepted. The Company reserves the right to have you examined by its own Medical Practitioner. Any employee who is absent through unauthorised or uncertified absence will be requested to attend a disciplinary investigation meeting and could face sanctions up to and including dismissal. The company does not pay employees who are absent due to illness. Accordingly, you may need to submit a claim to the Department of Social Protection, after 6 days of illness. Please refer to the company absence policy for information on unacceptable levels of absence. (If no absence policy exists please include reference to number of days/occasions that may warrant disciplinary action here).
Absence. Any absence from work shall cause the employee’s probationary period to be extended by the number of hours of such absence. Such absences shall be cumulative during the probationary period. The extension of the probationary period shall be based on the number of hours of such absence. Absence because of holidays and because of authorized leave up to 96 hours shall be excluded from this subsection.