Table 4 Sample Clauses

Table 4. The 22 SI units with special names and symbols Derived quantity Special name of unit Unit expressed in terms of base units (a) Unit expressed in terms of other SI units plane angle radian (b) rad = m/m solid angle steradian (c) sr = m2/m2 frequencyforce hertz (d) xxxxxx Hz = s−1 N = kg m s−2 pressure, stress pascal Pa = kg m−1 s−2 energy, work, joule J = kg m2 s−2 N m amount of heat power, radiant flux watt W = kg m2 s−3 J/s electric charge coulomb C = A s electric potential difference (e) volt V = kg m2 s−3 A−1 W/A capacitance farad F = kg−1 m−2 s4 A2 C/V electric resistance ohm Ω = kg m2 s3 A−2 V/A electric conductance siemens S = kg−1 m−2 s3 A2 A/V magnetic flux xxxxx Xx = kg m2 s−2 A−1 V s magnetic flux density tesla T = kg s−2 A−1 Wb/m2 inductance xxxxx H = kg m2 s−2 A−2 Wb/A Celsius temperature degree Celsius (f) oC = K luminous flux lumen lm = cd sr (g) cd sr illuminance lux lx = cd sr m−2 lm/m2 activity referred to xxxxxxxxx Bq = s−1 a radionuclide (d, h) absorbed dose, xxxxx xxxx Gy = m2 s−2 J/kg dose equivalent xxxxxxx (i) Sv = m2 s−2 J/kg catalytic activity katal kat = mol s−1
Table 4. (e) For lateral impacts tests the Enhanced Child Restraint Systems shall be tested in its most upright used position. If this upright position falls outside the Vehicle Seat Fixture, this position shall still be chosen. For Enhanced Child Restraint Systems that fit into any of the vehicle seat fixtures where the lateral shock absorbers can be adjusted outside the Vehicle Seat Fixture, the width position of the lateral shock absorbers that still fit in the Vehicle Seat Fixture shall be chosen; For Enhanced Child Restraint Systems that do not fit into any of the vehicle seat fixtures, a lateral test shall be performed for each listed vehicle. For each test, the initial position of the side impact door panel relative to the bench shall be adjusted according to the minimum distance between the vehicle's door panel and the centre of the seating position as shown in Figure 3. Figure 3 Minimum distance for lateral impact Door Panel Minimum distance
Table 4. What At Sea Categoris xx Xxxxxx Other inland waters Comments All passenger ships >12 passengers (“passenger ship”) MCA / MAIB MCA / MAIB MCA / MAIB All ships carrying more than 12 passengers, whether fee paying or otherwise, must be certified by the MCA. Commercial vessels <24m length and commercial vessels >24m length other than passenger ships MCA / MAIB MCA / MAIB / INA MCA / MAIB Class IX(A) and IX(A)(T) applies to ships which don’t go to sea, so covers both categorised and other inland waters. Commercial Fishing vessels MCA / MAIB MCA / MAIB MCA / MAIB The application of merchant shipping legislation to fishing vessels is based on the requirement for DEFRA licensing of commercial fishing rather than where the vessel is operating (i.e. if the activity is defined as commercial fishing for DEFRA’s purposes, and needs a license, the MS legislation applies). Merchant shipping legislation applies to FVs on any voyage. Crown owned and operated vessels (MoD, HMRC, etc.) HSE / MCA / MAIB HSE / MCA / MAIB HSE / MCA / MAIB The Merchant Shipping Act 1995 does not generally apply to Crown vessels, as a matter of policy vessels contracted by the Crown are required to be voluntarily certified as approp. to their activity, length and area of operations. HSE regulations do apply to Crown vessels. What At Sea Categoris xx Xxxxxx Other inland waters Comments Local Authority owned and operated craft (Police, Fire, etc.) MCA / MAIB MCA / MAIB / INA MCA / MAIB These are straight-forward commercial vessels. Craft hired on a bareboat basis for public leisure use MCA / MAIB LA / INA / National Governing Body / MAIB / HSE LA / MAIB / National Governing Body / HSE Seagoing vessels as for seagoing commercial vessels. Hire boat code for inland waters is industry best practice. We would expect LA or INA to enforce it if they chose to use it. Technically, as Class IX(A) vessels, MCA would have some residual responsibility. Commercial adventurous training MCA / MAIB / AALA MCA / MAIB / INA / AALA MCA / MAIB / AALA Generally, these are straightforward commercial vessels. But see description role of AALA below. of Adventurous activity training provided by voluntary organisations NGB / LA / MAIB NGB / LA / MAIB NGB / LA / MAIB Voluntary organisations such as Scouts, Guides, Sea Cadets etc. undertaking adventurous activity training do not fall under AALA, but the vessels are treated as “commercial” operations as they do not meet the definition of “pleasure vessels”. Vessels used by scho...
Table 4. 4.4. The limits for three-phase "RESS charging mode coupled to the power grid" with input current > 16 A and ≤ 75 A per phase are given in paragraph
Table 4. Metabolite level distribution. Mean, standard deviation and coefficient of variation (CV) of each metabolite-to-creatine ratio, listed by algorithm and vendor as well as global summary values. Asterisks indicate significant differences (adjusted p < 0.01 = ** and adjusted p < 0.001 = *** or ### or ’’’) in the mean (for the metabolite ratios) or the variance (for the CV) compared to the algorithm in the next row (LCModel vs Osprey = ** or ***, Osprey vs Tarquin = ###, and Tarquin vs LCModel = ’’’).
Table 4. Critical Reservoir Water Elevation Reservoir Critical Reservoir Water Elevation measured at the dam (feet USGS Datum - NGVD1929) Type High Rock 599.9 (24 ft below full pool) Hydropower Production Tuckertown 560.7 (4 ft below full pool) Public Water Supply Narrows 486.8 (23 ft below full pool) Public Water Supply Falls 322.8 (10 ft below full pool) Hydropower Production Xxxxxxx 268.2 (10 ft below full pool) Public Water Supply Xxxxxxx Xxxxx 000 (10.1 ft below full pool) Public Water Supply/ Hydropower Production
Table 4. Ending this Addendum when the Approved Addendum Changes In the event the Information Commissioner’s Office issues a revised Approved Addendum, in accordance with Section 18 of the UK Addendum which as a direct result of such changes has a substantial, disproportionate and demonstrable increase in: (a) the data importer’s direct costs of performing its obligations under the Addendum; and/or (b) the data importer’s risk under the Addendum, the data importer may terminate this UK Addendum on reasonable written notice to the data exporter in accordance with Table 4 and paragraph 19 of the UK Addendum. Supplementary clauses for Module Two and Module Three: Erasure and deletion: For the purposes of Clause 8.5, Section II of Module Two and Module Three of the Standard Contractual Clauses the data importer shall delete the Personal Data in accordance with paragraph 8.1 of the DPA.
Table 4. Table 4 entitled “787-8 Aircraft Information Table – GENX ([****] (1) 000-0 Xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx-Xxx 787-8 Aircraft, a [****] 787-8 Aircraft for Purposes of Exhibit A2(R2))” (attached hereto referencing SA-5 in the footer) is hereby incorporated into the Purchase. BOEING PROPRIETARY