System Operator Sample Clauses

System Operator. (a) The Operator's rights and powers under this Contract may be delegated to a contractor (System Operator) who is entitled to exercise, on behalf of the Operator, all such rights and powers conferred on the Operator.
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System Operator. ‌ Each working week will start at 0001 Sunday morning and will extend to 2400 the succeeding Saturday night. The normal shifts will be: Shift No. 3 – 2100 to 0500 hours Shift No. 1 – 0500 to 1300 hours Shift No. 2 – 1300 to 2100 hours A System Operator’s normal working week will be forty (40) hours. A rotating schedule will be posted monthly. For the first forty (40) hours of time worked during the above period, the employee will be paid at the established straight time rate. Alternate work schedules would be the subject of meet and confer between AMP and the Union. Chief System Operator, System Operator and System Operator Trainee shall be paid additional compensation for the ten (10) AMP recognized fixed holidays with no option for time off, at the rate of .05769 of their regular salaries paid on a biweekly basis. Whenever a System Operator, a Chief System Operator, or a System Operator Trainee works on a holiday, the employee shall receive compensation for the respective positions as follows: Straight time at the established base rate for the hours actually worked on the holiday. Double time (2X) pay for all time worked by System Operators, Chief System Operators or System Operator Trainees on their first or second scheduled day off when that day falls on one of the official holidays allowed by AMP. Whenever a System Operator is entitled to receive compensation for a period off duty, in accordance with the provisions herein, said compensation shall be computed at that employee’s base wage. A System Operator will be paid at the overtime rate applicable to the employee’s scheduled shift whenever required to work eight (8) minutes or more over eight (8) hours in one continuous shift. When straight time worked hours exceed forty (40) hours per week, all hours actually worked in addition to said forty (40) hours will be at the overtime rate of pay for the employee’s scheduled shift. Whenever the employee works more than eight (8) hours in the same day, the overtime rate applicable to the employee’s scheduled shift will be paid. For example, a person works normal straight time Shift No. 3 (February 1, 0000 to 0800) and is called back to duty at 2000 (same day) until 0000 and continues to work Shift No. 3, February 2, in the immediate next day, the employees will be compensated as follows: February 1, 0000 to 0800 eight (8) hours straight time (computed on base wage plus third shift differential) February 1, 2000 to 2400 four (4) hours overtime (computed on ba...
System Operator to the System Operator to the extent required for performance of its functions;
System Operator. System Operator hereby represents, warrants and covenants that:
System Operator. 29 1.83 Target Availability Rate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..29 1.84 Tariff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..29 1.85
System Operator. 6 1.12 Tariff........................................................... 6 1.13
System Operator. A generic term used to describe the individuals responsible for the integrity or the operational control of Michigan Transco's transmission system, and any successor thereto.
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System Operator. The entity or entities legally responsible for the operation of a system. A system operator may also act as a central counterparty, clearing house or a settlement agent.
System Operator. The Seller may from time to time enter into an agreement with another entity to operate the Seller's system. Concurrently with the effective date of this Agreement, the Seller has contracted with Georgia System Operations Corporation ("GSOC") as the initial operator of the Seller's system and as the operator of the Pool. The Seller shall continue to utilize GSOC as the operator of the Seller's system and as operator of the Pool until (i) such time, if any, that the Seller and GSOC mutually agree otherwise or (ii) such contract is terminated in accordance with its terms.
System Operator. An individual at a Control Center of a Balancing Authority, Transmission Operator, or Reliability Coordinator, who operates or directs the operation of the Bulk Electric System (BES) in Real-time, as defined in the NERC Reliability Standards, which may be modified from time to time.
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