Co-operation Sample Clauses

Co-operation. The Custodian shall cooperate with and supply necessary information to the entity or entities appointed by the Trust to keep the books of account of the Fund and/or compute the value of the assets of the Fund. The Custodian shall take all such reasonable actions as the Trust may from time to time request to enable the Trust to obtain, from year to year, favorable opinions from the Trust's independent accountants with respect to the Custodian's activities hereunder in connection with (a) the preparation of the Trust's reports on Form N-1A and Form N-SAR and any other reports required by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and (b) the fulfillment by the Trust of any other requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Co-operation. Each Party acknowledges that this ESA must be approved by the Department and agree that they shall use Commercially Reasonable efforts to cooperate in seeking to secure such approval.
Co-operation. Without prejudice to the warranties and representations given by the Author in this Agreement, the Author shall cooperate fully with the Editor and the Publisher in relation to any legal action that might arise from the publication or intended publication of the Contribution and the Author shall give the Publisher access at reasonable times to any relevant accounts, documents and records within the power or control of the Author.
Co-operation. The Indemnified Party and the Indemnifying Party shall co-operate fully with each other with respect to Third Party Claims, and shall keep each other fully advised with respect thereto (including supplying copies of all relevant documentation promptly as it becomes available).