Statement of Policy Sample Clauses

Statement of Policy. It is the policy of the City of Columbus that the public has the right to expect persons employed by the City in its Fire Division will be free from the effects of drugs and alcohol. The City, as the employer, has the right to expect its employees to report for work fit and able for duty and to set a positive example for the community. The purposes of this policy shall be achieved in such manner as not to violate any established constitutional rights of the employees of the Fire Division.
Statement of Policy. A. Both the State and the Union desire a workplace that is free from the adverse effects of alcohol and other drugs. As such, both parties acknowledge that substance abuse is a serious and complex, yet treatable, condition/disease that adversely affects the productive, personal and family lives of employees. The parties further acknowledge that substance abuse may lead to safety and health risks in the workplace, for the abusers, their co-workers, and the public-at-large. Accordingly, the State and the Union pledge to work collaboratively in programs designed to reduce and eradicate the abuse of alcohol and drugs.
Statement of Policy. The Council or Council member(s) and the Employer recognize the desirability of exerting an xxxxxxx effort to settle grievances at the earliest possible time consistent with the provisions of this Article. The Council shall make a careful and thorough investigation of an Employee's complaint before submitting it under the grievance procedure in order to ascertain whether, in its opinion, the complaint is reasonably justified under the terms of this Master Agreement and that there is reasonable ground to believe that the claim is true in fact. No Employee shall be discriminated against for reasonably making a complaint or filing a grievance asserting a violation of this Master Agreement. There shall be no slowdown, disruption or stoppage of work including strikes or lock-outs.
Statement of Policy. SAME DAY SENIORITY - SKILLED TRADES On Tuesday, September 28, 1982, discussions were held between the parties to clarify how the "Same Day Seniority" language applies to Skilled Trades and Apprentices in St. Catharines. As a result of these discussions, it was agreed that, for Skilled Trades and Apprentices only, where two employees have the same skilled trades date of entry, plant seniority will then be used to determine which employee is to be laid off or recalled, for shift preference, and for applying the provisions of Paragraph (1) (b) and (c) of Supplement No. 1 to the Local General Agreement. Should the employees plant seniority dates be the same, then serial number order will be used. (Lowest serial number will be considered as having the higher seniority.)
Statement of Policy. SKILLED TRADES DRIVING TOWMOTORS AS A TOOL OF THE TRADE During these negotiations, a very serious problem involving jurisdiction of Company personnel driving Towmotors was discussed. Both parties agreed that a solution had to be found before an agreement could be reached. The parties agreed that all Towmotors under 9 tons would be removed from the Maintenance Department. Sufficient Towmotor Drivers using Towmotors less than 9 tons would be assigned to the Maintenance Department to perform the transporting of materials and equipment. The driving of the Drott crane will be assigned to trained employees in the Millwright and Millwright-Hoisting Engineer classifications. It is recognized that Millwrights may do certain work using the 9 ton and over towmotor as a tool of the trade. It is also recognized that work done by under a 9 ton towmotor will not be performed by Skilled Trades. Company representatives have instructed Area Supervisors that no abuse to this document will be tolerated.