Sprinkler Sample Clauses

Sprinkler. No Owner shall make any alteration to or interfere with the sprinkler system or any other fire fighting equipment or suffer to be done anything to such sprinkler system or fire fighting equipment which would constitute a breach of the Fire Services Ordinance (Cap. 95 of the Laws of Hong Kong) or any by-laws or regulations made thereunder or any other applicable laws or regulations. If any extension of the sprinkler heads and/or smoke detectors or alteration to the fire fighting equipment shall be required by any Owner, then such works shall be carried out by a contractor approved by the Manager at the expense of such Owner and in such manner as the Manager shall think fit. In addition, each Owner shall, at his own cost and expense throughout the term of the Government Lease and to the satisfaction of the Fire Services Department, provide and maintain an access for fire appliances and fire personnel to the Land and the Building to the satisfaction of the Fire Services Department and permit such access for such purposes and at such time or times as the Fire Services Department may require.
Sprinkler. The sprinkler system, which shall include --------- only the main floor shut-off valves, alarms, primary loop piping, distribution piping, and heads installed with deflectors.
Sprinkler. Anything elsewhere in this Lease to the contrary notwithstanding, if the New York Board of Underwriters or the New York Fire Insurance Exchange or any bureau, department or official of the federal, state or city governments require or recommend the installation of a sprinkler system or that any changes, modifications, alterations or additional sprinkler heads or other related equipment be made or supplied in an existing sprinkler system by reason of Tenant’s particular manner of use of the demised premises (as opposed to use for the Permitted Use), or the location of partitions, trade fixtures or other contents of the demised premises, or for any other reason or if any such sprinkler system installations, changes, modifications, alterations, additional sprinkler heads or other such equipment, become necessary to prevent the imposition of a penalty or charge against the full allowance for a sprinkler system in the fire insurance rate set by any said Exchange or by any fire insurance company, Tenant shall, at Tenant’s expense, promptly make such sprinkler system installations, changes, modifications, alterations, and supply additional sprinkler heads or other equipment as required whether the work involved shall be structural or nonstructural in nature. Tenant shall pay to Landlord as Additional Rent the sum of $100.00 on the first day of each month during the Term of this Lease, as Tenant’s portion of the contract price for sprinkler supervisory service.
Sprinkler. Reconfigure in-ceiling sprinkler heads to accommodate Tenant’s Layout Plan as required by code;
Sprinkler. Landlord represents that a sprinkler system designed to meet NFPA Ordinary Hazard Group 3 has been installed in the building. Any additional sprinkler work, i.e., in rack sprinklers, additional heads, etc., required to meet any other NFPA standards or county requirements to satisfy tenant's material classification, shall be at the sole cost and expense of the Tenant and shall be installed by the Landlord prior to the Commencement Date.
Sprinkler. All work necessary to modify and relocate the existing sprinklers to comply with the NYC Building Code is included.
Sprinkler. 1. Entire area to be sprinklered at suspended ceiling to meet Xxxxxx County life safety code.
Sprinkler. Relocate or addition of sprinkler heads must meet applicable NFPA code. All head locations shall meet low and high hazard areas as required. For installation/relocation purposes, Landlord requires (48) forty-eight hours notice to put the building on test. Contractor will call to refill lines with Landlord on premises.
Sprinkler a. Inasmuch as the Demised Premises contains a wet sprinkler system and to the extent that the Demised Premises is sprinklered, Lessor agrees to provide any periodic maintenance of said sprinkler system as required from time to time, unless damage thereto is caused by Lessee, its agents, servants, employees, and / or invitees. Further, any damage resulting from the activation of the sprinkler system within the Demised Premises shall be at the absolute risk of Lessee, with no obligation to Lessor resulting thereof unless damage is caused by Lessor’s gross negligence or intentional misconduct, in which case Lessee shall be entitled to an abatement of Rent (other than as may pertain to Lessee’s obligation to continue to pay insurance premiums and otherwise to maintain all insurance required by this Lease) as Lessee’s sole remedy.
Sprinkler. Insurance covering damage from leakage or sprinkler systems now or hereafter installed in the Premises in an amount not less than the current replacement cost covering Tenant's personal property, Tenant's improvements and Tenant's trade fixtures.