Contract Particulars definition

Contract Particulars means any information relating to the contract of carriage or to the goods (including terms, notations, signatures and endorsements) that is in a transport document or an electronic transport record.
Contract Particulars means the contract particulars contained in this Contract.
Contract Particulars means the particulars of the Contract set out in the Form of Contract

Examples of Contract Particulars in a sentence

  • The Contractor shall procure that any sub-contractors having responsibility for any of the sub-contract packages set out in the Contract Particulars will, within 14 days of their appointment, enter into the relevant form of collateral warranty set out in Schedule 10 in favour of the Employer.

  • The Contractor shall maintain the Required Insurance for such amount and on such basis stated in clause 26.1 (if stated) for a period beginning on the date of this Contract and expiring after the period of years stated in the Contract Particulars, provided that such insurance is available at commercially reasonable rates and terms.

  • If the Contract Particulars state that a Mobilization Period applies the Contractor shall complete the mobilization for the Works within the Mobilization Period.

  • This agreement is entered into on the date set out above and is made up of these Contract Particulars, the Contract Terms and the Schedules stated above.

  • To comply with its obligations under this clause and as a minimum, the Supplier shall ensure professional indemnity insurance held by the Supplier and by any agent, Sub-Contractor or consultant involved in the supply of the Services has a limit of indemnity of not less than the amount stated in the Contract Particulars.

More Definitions of Contract Particulars

Contract Particulars means the document entitled the same and which forms part of this Contract.
Contract Particulars means the contract particulars set out in part A of this Contract.
Contract Particulars means (if applicable) the particulars of the Contract as set in the Contract Preliminaries
Contract Particulars means the document detailing the specific core terms of the Framework Agreement which shall include but not be limited to the Pricing Schedule, Authorised Officer, Contract Manager, Key Personnel, and the Specification (all as defined in the Call-Off Terms and Conditions) and relevant contract specific details of the Tender included in the document. “Contracting Authority any local authority or public body identified in the OJEU notice (if applicable) and/or the Invitation to Tender entitled to use this Framework Agreement and enter into a Call-Off Contract .
Contract Particulars means the Supplier’s contract particulars document including the document reference GENSCT01 and Order Form. The “Order Form” shall mean any order form issued by Supplier (or any of its direct or indirect subsidiaries or associated companies). The “Due Date” and the “Supplier” shall be as specified in the Contract Particulars attached hereto or if not elsewhere defined shall have the meaning defined in clause 62 of this Sale Agreement. “XXXX” shall mean the End User Licence Agreement issued for the Licensed Programs and references to “STDTCs” shall refer to then current version of this document. The “Equipment” shall mean the Hardware (if any) and the Licensed Programs collectively as described in the Contract Particulars. The “Sale Agreement” shall mean the agreement arising upon acceptance of the Contract Particulars by the Supplier incorporating and subject to these Terms and Conditions. "Materials" shall mean the system instructions, technical literature and all other related documentation in eye-readable form supplied to the Customer. Any reference to writing shall include typewriting, printing, lithography, photography and other modes of representing or reproducing words in a legible form other than writing on an electronic display screen or similar device; and the word “including” shall be read and construed as if it was immediately followed by the words “but without limitationPrice and Payment
Contract Particulars means the particulars in the Agreement and there described as such, including entries made by the Parties.
Contract Particulars means the official order in the form attached as Appendix 1 to these terms and conditions and setting out details of the Customer’s requirements, and to be signed by each of the Customer and Edsential.