SECTION THREE Sample Clauses

SECTION THREE. (A) An Employee whose job requires a professional license or certification, as a condition of employment and who uses such license or certification exclusively or primarily for State business shall be reimbursed for the cost (e.g. fees and study materials) associated with the maintenance of such license or certification. This section three does not apply to part-time Employees under twenty (20) hours per week.
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SECTION THREE. General Effects of the Merger. Resulting from the Merger agreed upon in Section Two and effective as of the Merger Effective Date: (i) the assets and liabilities of the Absorbed Company shall be transferred in their entirety to the Surviving Company, causing Telecom Argentina to acquire ownership of all rights and assets and assume all obligations and liabilities of any nature of Cablevisión including (a) those rights and liabilities that, for any reason, have not been included in the Special Merger Individual Financial Statement, including all rights, assets and liabilities arising or discovered after the end date of the Special Merger Individual Financial Statements as a result of events or activities prior to such end date; (b) those rights and liabilities of the Absorbed Company arising from the relationships with its personnel, which personnel shall become directly dependent of Telecom Argentina, and whose seniority, benefits and all other acquired rights shall be respected; and (c) the licenses, records, resources, assignations, permits and authorizations of Cablevisión and/or the companies absorbed by Cablevisión and/or authorizations of any kind; (ii) Telecom Argentina shall be the successor of all activities, operations, assets, liabilities, rights and obligations of Cablevisión as of the Merger Effective Date as well as any of those that may arise from any conducts prior or subsequent thereto; (iii) Cablevisión shall dissolve without liquidation; (iv) Telecom Argentina shall increase its capital stock and amend its bylaws pursuant to the terms set forth in Annex IV of this Agreement; and (v) all holders of Cablevisión shares shall be considered shareholders of Telecom Argentina as from the Merger Effective Date, including the exercise of their economic and political rights to the extent of the Exchange Ratio set forth in this Agreement. Section Four. Amendment of the Bylaws of Telecom Argentina. New Capital Structure. Pursuant to the terms of the Merger, Telecom Argentina shall amend its Bylaws in accordance with the terms set forth in Annex IV of this Agreement. In addition, as a result of the Merger and taking into account the proposed Exchange Ratio, Telecom Argentina shall increase its capital stock in an amount of Argentine pesos 1,184,528,406. Accordingly, Telecom Argentina shall issue 1,184,528,406 book entry ordinary shares with a par value of one Argentine peso and one vote each (minus any applicable number of shares corresponding to fra...
SECTION THREE. This designation shall be effective for five (5) years from the date of passage of this Order and may be renewed for five (5) year periods thereafter. Exhibit A - Legal Description of All Parcels within the Reinvestment Zone R-34736: 0051 E LIPPINCOTT, ACRES 1247.85 0051 E LIPPINCOTT, ACRES 1247.85; Needville Abst Group 5. R-228995: 0000 X XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXX 548.959 0051 E LIPPINCOTT, ACRES 548.959; Needville Abst Group 5. R-34728: 0000 X Xxxxxxxxxx, XXXXX A (Pt), ACRES 216.316 0000 X Xxxxxxxxxx, XXXXX A (Pt), ACRES 216.316; Needville Abst Group 5. R-152289: 0000 X XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXX 211.0123 0051 E LIPPINCOTT, ACRES 211.0123; Needville Abst Group 5. R-311517: 0000 X XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXX B, ACRES 226.6625 0000 X XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXX B, ACRES 226.6625; Needville Abst Group 5. R-34730: 0000 X. Xxxxxxxxxx, Tract 1, Acres 623.925, Needville Abstract Group 5. R-34739: 0000 X XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXX 210 0051 E LIPPINCOTT, ACRES 210; NeedvilleAbst Group 5. R- 4: 0000 X XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXX 412 0051 E LIPPINCOTT, ACRES 412; Needville Abst Group 5. EXHIBIT B - Ma AN • ====::::::1 0 1Miles Agreement executed on or about May 28, 2019. 18D STATE OF TEXAS § § COUNTY OF FORT BEND § TAX ABATEMENT AGREEMENT BETWEEN FORT BEND COUNTY AND CUTLASS SOLAR LLC This Tax Abatement Agreement, hereinafter referred to as "Agreement," is executed by and between FORT BEND COUNTY, TEXAS, hereinafter referred to as "County," acting by and through its Commissioners' Court and CUTLASS SOLAR LLC, hereinafter referred to as "Owner," of the tangible personal property, located within Fort Bend County Reinvestment Zone No. [23].
SECTION THREE. If any Article or Section of this Agreement or any supplements thereto should be held invalid by operation of law, or by any tribunal of competent jurisdiction, or if compliance with or enforcement of any Article or Section should be restrained by such tribunal, the remainder of this Agreement and supplements shall not be affected thereby. The parties shall reconsider any invalid or restrained portion of this Agreement.
SECTION THREE. A. All out-of-county students shall be subject to all of the same rules and regulations of the school which they are attending as are prescribed for all other students attending Clay County and Bradford County Schools. The name and address of each such Clay County resident attending Bradford County Schools shall be furnished to the Superintendent of the Clay County Schools. Likewise, the name and address of each such Bradford County resident attending Clay County Schools shall be furnished to the Superintendent of the Bradford County Schools.
SECTION THREE. The Association shall give written notification to the Business Office of the amount of its regular dues and service fees, which are to be deducted from teachers' salaries in the school year under such authorization. The amounts of such deductions shall not be subject to change during the school year.
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SECTION THREE. SALES REGIONThe Parties understand and agree that the Agent will sell the product(s) in the below region (hereinafter referred to as the “Sales Region”). Agency agrees not to sell the product(s) outside of the defined Sales Region.SECTION FOUR.NON-COMPETEThe Agent understands and agrees not to sell any product(s) for any competitor in direct competition with the Principal within the above Sales Region for years after the termination of this commission agreement.SECTION FIVE.EARNED COMMISSIONS AND PAYMENT STRUCTUREThe Parties agree that the authorized Agent shall be compensated in the following fashion (“Commission”):
SECTION THREE. SEVERABILITY. If any section, paragraph or provision of this Resolution shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the invalidity or unenforceability of such section, paragraph or provision shall not affect any of the remaining provisions of this Resolution.
SECTION THREE. If either party desires to modify or change this Agreement it shall, ninety
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